Kristoffer Martin's Surprise Birthday Party with his Fans and Friends

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kristoffer Martin, one of the most talented actor of GMA Network celebrated his 21st birthday and it was a celebration he will not forget because it was a surprise birthday party for him prepared by GMA Artist Center and his friends from San Beda College where he studies. 

It was November 12 when the surprise birthday party happened at Cafe UK in Mendiola, a few blocks away from San Beda College. Kristoffer Martin took an exam that day and his reaction when he entered the function room of Cafe Uk was truly priceless. He was greeted by San Beda Red Corps. According to Kristoffer, what he knew was he will have a meeting with Unilever management, little did he know that he will be celebrating his birthday together with his friends and fans as well. The event was hosted by Tess Bomb.

Check out the video below:

Another big surprise was when Bea Binene, Kristoffer's long time friend entered the room to greet him as well. Kristoffer was also present during Bea Binene's 18th birthday last November 3 at Manila Hotel and he was part of her 18 roses. 

Bea Binene's surprise appearance:

Bea wished him more success and happiness in life, she added that Kristoffer was very hardworking and dedicated to his craft which is why she is wishing more projects for him as well. They are so close taht we are all wondering if there's any chance that they can be a couple someday and they just both laugh and said that they know a lot about each other, both positive and negative that they just can't imagine themselves being a couple. However, they both said that through ups and downs, they'll support one another no matter what.

Kristoffer's wish is simple, he wishes that he'll be successful in his chosen career and that he'll have more projects and challenging roles. 

Right now, he is part of Buena Familia right now as Zach Michaels, forming a love triangle between Julie Anne San Jose and Jake Vargas. His last project was Healing Hearst with Joyce Ching. His last film was Basement and hopefully, we'll get to see more of him in the big screen.

Kristoffer is also thankful that he has loyal fans since day 1. They were present during his surprise birthday party and they were very happy that Kristoffer appreciated their efforts. Kristoffer said that he always makes it a point to bond with them and even talk with them via social media sites or via text to ask how they are all doing. 

Don't miss Buena Familia weekdays after The Half Sisters!

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