Julie Anne San Jose Releases New Single FOREVER

Monday, November 16, 2015

Julie Anne San Jose has been making waves in the music industry for quite some time now, hitting the charts and has proven that she is a versatile artist: she's been acting, hosting, singing and dancing as well, what more can we ask for? 

During her BlogCon, we got the chance to interview Julie Anne about her latest digital EP "Forever". These is after she released her two digital singles "Tidal Wave" and "Not Impressed" which also has been on the charts for weeks. Her Forever EP was released last November 8 and immediately landed on the #1 spot of iTunes Philippines sales charts on the first day of its release. Quite remarkable right? but Julie Anne has a lot of fans not only here in the Philippines but also across the country.

 During the interview, she was asked how does she feel that her songs will be marketed in the US, meaning, there's a big chance that she might also get discovered as well. Julie Anne said that she feels happy that she will be given a chance to explore new boundaries since it is also her dream to make it big in the US, who wouldn't right? but she also feels scared because there might be a chance that she will have to live in the U.S. if this continues and she added that she has a close bond with her family and she doesn't want to
 be that far from them. 

Julie Anne added that this will also be a start of her new image. Not that daring but more mature. Just liek apreview of her music videos in Tidal Wave and Not Impressed, in Forever, they will start to shoot the music video soon so fans should watch out for it. 

Julie Anne's new songs is a jive of hip-hop, R&B and love song as well. Although Julie Anne said that she haven't experienced that much when it comes to love, she feels that many people can relate to her songs.

Check out Julie Anne's LIVE performance of "Forever"

An EP that's ready to make a global breakthrough with the synth-driven and live guitar grooves that underscore the catchy radio-friendly Tidal Wave, the controlled vocals fronting R&B Pop gem, Forever, and the infectious synth-filled-beat angsty, Not Impressed. This EP represents Julie's coming-of-age and her emergence into a territory that's beyond the confines of bubblegum pop, pop ballads and belting power ballads. A brilliantly unique collaboration with Grammy award-winning record producer Sidney "Omen" Brown, we give you a raw and refreshing, Julie Anne San Jose.

FOREVER EP contains "Tidal Wave", "Tidal Wave (Omen x Keyz Remix)", "Not Impressed" featuring Nitty Scott MC, and JAPS' latest single "Forever". Get your copy of FOREVER EP from iTunes, Amazon, OPM2Go and hundreds of other digital stores worldwide, produced by VIM Entertainment and released by GMA Records.

Check out Julie Anne San Jose's interview here:

You can also catch Julie Anne San Jose weekdays at Buena Familia after The Half Sisters and every Sunday at Sunday PinaSaya.

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