Get that Younger, Healthier & Whiter Skin with Ellen's Collagen Soap, Advance White Day Cream & Miracle Whitening Cream

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Ellen's Skincare has been in the dermatology industry for quite some time now, and over the years, even before some of the skin care centers now came popping up everywhere, Ellen's is the first to offer some of the known services that has been offered by many of the skin care center in the metro. 

After establishing their facial centers all over Metro Manila, Ellen's also offer wide array of beauty products for everyone who wants to look good, feel good and feel young, just like their beauty products:
Collagen Soap, Miracle Whitening Cream and the Advance White Day Cream.

Ellen's Collagen Soap regenerates the skin and creates a younger and radiant effect on the skin. For everyday use, it will also increase the elasticity of the skin. 

This is not the first time I've tired a Collagen soap but I've also tried one from another brand, luckily Ellen's also offer a Collagen soap and I like this better than the brand I tried because it's not sticky and you'll feel really fresh after, the scent smells like milk so it's really mild. Our skin is made mainly of collagen, which is a protein. More than 80% (dry weight) of our skin is made of collagen. By the age of 25, our skin gets deflated thus it develops wrinkles, by using Collagen soap, the elasticity level of our skin manages to slow down the aging factors of our skin. After using Ellen's Collagen Soap for just a week, I can see a big difference already. 

Ellen's Miracle Whitening Cream is ideal for any dark spots of the body such as face, nape, elbow, underarm, and knee as well; this can be applied in small amount on any dark spots twice a day, whether in the morning and in the evening. 
I've tried this on my elbow and my arms  since I just got back from beach hopping at Camotes Island, Cebu and yes, miraculously, after a week of putting a small amount on my skin, the dark spots became lighter and whiter, how much more if I continue using it.

Lastly, the Ellen's Advance White Day Cream will protect your skin as you go about on your day to day activities as it also whitens your skin. It serves as a protection from the harmful effects of sun’s ultra-rays, I usually don't use any sunblock on my face before when I go out but when I tried the Ellen's Advance White Day Cream, it's just perfect because my skin will not look dull any more and even though my skin is sensitive since I get easily allergic with different beauty products, when I use Ellen's, I didn't develop any itch on my skin.
You can even use it as a primer before applying your make up!

Being beautiful and confident can only be attained when one knows the secrets to taking care of one’s skin. With Ellen's Collagen Soap, Advance White Day Cream and Miracle Whitening Cream, it will allow its users to have a softer, smoother and suppler skin in just 7 days!

So reveal your true skin now in a healthier and radiant one by using Ellen's Skin Care products!

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  1. I am currently using bleaching and whitening soap. Can i shift using collagen soap immediately?

  2. Hi :) Yes, you can shift to using Collagen soap anytime :) Thanks for dropping by :)