Experience the Christmas Vibe, the Royal Ball way at SM CITY MASINAG

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just like that famous line from a Christmas Song, most of us look forward to Christmas, from kids to kids at heart. Although bonding with our family can always be anytime of the day, Christmas makes it even more meaningful, and what better way to spend the Holiday season than to shop, unwind and dine with your family at SM Supermalls.

Sm City Masinag welcomed Christmas season with a fairytale-themed centerpiece featuring  three of the most iconic Disney Princess- Cinderella, Belle of Beauty and the Beast 
and Snow White. 

Kids got all excited when they saw the Disney Princesses together with their Prince Charming, there was also a dance number that everyone enjoyed watching as well.
It was like I being a kid again, being enchanted watching them perform. Royal Ball was held with performers dressed as prince and princesses just like in the fairytales. The ladies dressed in beautiful bal gowns dancin waltz with gallant gentlemen in dapper suits. 

 I remember when I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a Princess but watching them at that moment makes me feel like I'm in a kingdom as well, you will surely get that experience once you visit SM City Masinag!

The 8 meter pink castle tower highlights the centerpiece with the tree princesses around it. Shoppers especially the kids can now take photos with the castle tower as the background when they visit the mall with their families.

Check out the dance number here:

 The young guests, dressed as little royalties , are treated with their own crowns and tiaras for a full fairytale experience. Also, a special meet and greet with Santa Claus thrilled the young at hearts. Special candy filled jars were given to kids as gift to celebrate the occasion.

Dazzling entertainment surely awaits all shoppers this Holiday Season with SM City Masinag's grand Christmas parades, brass marching bands, children's ballet, caroling choirs, and Santa meet and greet and our spectacular fireworks and lights and sounds show will take everyone's breath away.

The most joyous season of the year comes with merry markdowns for all shoppers delight, Restaurants as well are all ready to serve the sumptous holiday feast for all dinners. Kids can also indulge on the massive Christmas Toy Fair with Toy Kingdom.

The Grand Christmas Launch at SM City Masinag also marked the beginning of another year of Bears of Joy, an annual charity program of Sm Supermalls wherein shoppers can also participate by buying a pair of Christmas Teddy Bears for P200 from the Bears of Joy booth. Oneof the two bears will be donated to a selecred charity of SM City Masinag, while the other one can be taken home by the donor. For Christmas 2015, the pupils at City Gates Academy in Cogeo, Antipolo will receive the donated bears.

SM City's Masinag Fairytale with Disney Princess is definitely a wonderful experience when everything's here Holiday Season fun!

SM City Masinag has a ongoing Grand Sale so drop by now and shop, big discounts and freebies awaits you!

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