Be part of World Toilet Day 2015 and win DOMEX Gift Packs

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For consecutive years now, Domex has been consistent and keen on promoting how to keep our toilets clean because this is one way of keeping all the members of our family even our community germ free and healthy. I am also a big fan of Domex and for many years now, we have been using Domex to clean our toilets which is why I am also making a pledge to spread the word about this very helpful campign in saving lives.

Just last week, Domex celebrated World Toilet Day at East Avenue Medical Center. This is one way of spreading their commitment  in helping people, especially those who have been afflicted, to fight disease through clean toilets. 
Check out the event highlights here:
In commemoration of World Toilet Day, I am encouraging all of you, yes YOU, to do your part and take a pledge to save lives. Check out the inforgraphic below on how to properly clean your toilets and use the only toilet cleaner that has 3 factors in making sure your toilets are clean: Germ kill, contact time and reach.

As family member, I make sure I use Domex to keep my family & friends safe from sickness brought by improper toilet sanitation. I will not allow them to be
 exposed to such harm.  

Support World Toilet Day by keeping your toilets clean and get the chance to win DOMEX GIFT PACKS. 

How to JOIN:
It's as simple as posting a photo of you or with your love one/friends doing a hand gesture of a checkmark using your left hand. Post it via Twitter or Instagram and post a caption telling everyone how do you protect your family against germs? 

Use the hashtag
#WorldToiletDay2015 #1MCleanToilets and tag @graceelicious on Twitter or @gracee_licious on Instagram.

There will be three winners for this contest and winners will be announced next week!

You too can take the pledge: “I pledge to properly clean my toilet, to protect my family from disease caused by unsanitary toilets” 

For more details:

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