A Second Chance: John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo Reunited as Popoy and Basha

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's been 8 years since we last saw Popoy and Basha in the big screen and after 8 years, the kilig is still there and it feels like I've watched the movie just yesterday. After watching One More Chance, everyone felt like they can relate to Popoy and Basha and I believe that hugot lines started from this movie.

The Grand PressCon started with a performance by Erik Santos singing the OST of One More Chance "I'll Never Go":

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo together with the cast and direk Cathy Garcia Moline were present during the Grand Presscon of A Second Chance at Dolphy Theater. Both Bea and John Lloyd said that doing this film gives them a surreal feeling. It was definitely a dream come true for both of them because when they did One More Chance, they didn't expect that the movie will be that big, it's like a classic movie for everyone and now, after 8 years, they did the sequel of the movie, it made them reminisce how this movie made an impact to everyone.

In A Second Chance, Popoy and Basha are married but not everything seems to be coming up roses for them living under one roof. Direk Cathy revealed that John Lloyd and Bea had a tough time acting out their parts since both of them are clueless how does a married couple interact or argue. But Direk Cathy praised both Bea and John Lloyd for being so professional when it comes to doing their parts. Comparing how they act 8 years before, she said that they're more mature and they don't need any coaching anymore. They've grown more emotions that they can both share in the movie.

Bea and John Lloyd's last movie is The Mistress. John Lloyd said that he loves working with Bea because they've known each for quite some time now and they're very comfortable being with each other. 

It also helps that they're very close friends. The question remains if they were romantically involved in the past and both of them find the question really funny. Bea answered that love may not sparkle between the two of them maybe because they're too comfortable with each other, they know almost everything about each other that giving it a "romantic angle" would ruin everything especially that bond that have when they do movies. 

How can they relate to their characters? John Lloyd said that his character Popoy has matured in a lot of ways, far different from the Popoy of eight years ago. “Definitely, the Popoy in me has evolved because eight years is a long time so it would be impossible to say that nothing has changed in my character but what is important for us is to tell what is now happening between Popoy and Basha.”

Asked if they believe in Second Chances, both Bea and John Lloyd said yes. John Lloyd said,  “I believe that we all become victims when it comes to love. I mean, we thought we are the ones who decide or choose the ones we love but unknowingly, it is love that decides for us.” He added,  “In real life, it is always nice to know if you are the ‘martyr in the relationship’ or always the one who needs some understanding. Me, I cannot really say if I’m the giver or receiver because most probably, we have different love stories, medyo hindi lang isang kwento ng pag-ibig ang pinanggagalingan natin. There are instances where I have to give in at meron din na mas gusto natin na ikaw ang maintindihan.”

Bea added that she experienced giving chances to others and also experienced the other way around. That is how Love works, she said. Second chances are meant to be given to people who deserves it.

Check out the Grand Presscon of A Second Chance here:

"A Second Chance" has not one, but two theme songs that lend us deeper insight into this new chapter in Popoy and Basha's lives.

The music videos for these theme songs - "I'll Never Go," by Prince of Pop Erik Santos, and "I Will Be Here," by Juris 

A Second Chance, written by Carmi Raymundo and Vanessa Valdez, also stars Dimples Romana, James Blanco, Bea Saw, Janus del Prado and Ahron Villena. 
It will open on Nov. 25 in cinemas nationwide.

Watch the trailer here:

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