UPLINE DOWNLINE: Success Story of a Networker Showing on October 28!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Even in the 80's, networking has been making waves in the industry and up until now, people are more engaged to be part of it hoping that they too can be one of those lucky few who succeeded and reach the top, making millions in the process.

ANPO or Alliance for Networkers of the Philippines Organization created an advocacy film to enlighten people about what goes in and out in the Networking industry and how to choose the right people to trust to. 

A PressCon was held about the movie Upline Downline together with Director George Kabrisante and the cast Jhai-Ho, Alex Castro with Joseph Lim.

We all know Jhai Ho of MOR 101.9 as a radio jock but right now, he's been busy rediscovering his passion in acting. Ever since he became part of Pangako Sa'yo, he has been receiving offers to do projects here and there and one of them is this indie movie Upline Dowline.  According to him, acting is totally different from what he does before which is why 
he gives more than his 100% so that his co-workers will pleased that even though he is a newbie when it comes to acting, they will know that he is taking this very seriously. His role in Pangako Sayo is more comical as for this movie, people will see a comical yet serious side of him as well.

With Upline Downline, he is portraying a a gay role who own a networking business and he is also in love with Alex Castro's role. They will be business partners and eventually there will be struggles in both in his love life and even in his business that involves Alex's role. Will it be a tragic ending for Jhai Ho's role or will he cope up with it?

Check out his interview here:

Featuring in the movie is Joseph Lim who is also into Networking. He was part of this movie so that he can also share his inputs based on his experience. He has been part of Networking in the late 90's and ever since then he has been making money and at the same time helping others as well to achieve what he has achieve. According to Joseph, he is proud of this project because it is very timely, it is time to educate the people how to be more productive and earn more while being secure of their future. Joseph Lim is AIM's Global Hall of Famer.

Alex Castro has proven that he is one of the actors that you should watch out because he is  really versatile and he doesn't have to showcase only his face and body but also his good skills in acting. In Upline Downline, Alex will be portraying a bad guy role which is a first to him he said. He accepted the role because it challenged him to portray different roles. 
He will play a scammer in this movie and he will also trigger a big tragedy in this movie as well that people should watch out.

According to Alex, he learned a lot from this movie and even before, he was being asked by some friends or acquaintances to be part of their network however, since he was busy with work, he didn't got the chance to join any of them. With this movie, he became more aware of who to trust and what scams are made of. He added that we are all working hard to earn money and in that sense, we should also think first and research before we invest into something with all those hard work we did because we are basking on our future.

Check out his interview here:

Also starring in the movie are Ritz Azul, Matt Evans, Rez Cortez, Ynez Veneracion, Snooky Serna, Juan Rodrigo and Jojo Alejar.

UPLINE DOWNLINE will be showing on OCTOBER 28, 2015 in selected cinemas nationwide. 

Watch the full trailer here:

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