The PreNup Starring Sam Milby & Jennylyn Mercado Showing on October 14!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

What happens when you combine two of the most sought after actor and actress in the industry in one movie?You will come up with a romantic-comedy film that most of us would really enjoy watching. I'm a big fan of Sam Milby especially Jennylyn Mercado and when I learned that they're going to do a movie, I'm really excited to know if they have a "chemistry", after watching the official trailer twice, even thrice, I can totally guarantee you that this movie is one of the best kilig rom-com movie you'll ever watched.

During the grand presscon of The PreNup, everyone were all smiles because Sam and Jennylyn really look good together. The tandem strikes an undeniable screen chemistry at once made even more noticeable by their natural knack for comedy in scenes shot in Central Park and other scenic spots in New York City.

Sam and Jennylyn breezed through their roles as lovers with so much ease and comfort that kissing and love scenes were acted out realistically.

Insiders say Sam was extra attentive to Jennylyn while shooting their big scenes in the Big Apple.The positive rapport between the two stars paid off handsomely as the movie's trailer instantly earned over a million views and likes the minute Regal Entertainment released it on social media.

Directed by Jun Lana, The Prenup tackles the story of Wendy and John, whose whirlwind romance begins in the United States.

But when they broke the news about their engagement back in the Philippines, John’s rich parents refused to give the young couple their blessing unless Wendy agrees to a prenuptial agreement. What is pre-nuptial agreement? It is an agreement between an engaged couple in relation to their system of community of property before they are wed.

In the movie, Jennylyn plays the role of Wendy, a girl who unexpectedly meets the love of her life in New York, Gardo Versoza and Dominic Ochoa are cast as Jennylyn’s adoptive gay parents.  Sam plays the role of John, a professional photographer who comes from a well-off family. His parents in the movie are played by Jaclyn Jose and 
Freddie Webb. 

According to Jennylyn, her role as Wendy is a bit similar to her role in English Only, Please as Tere. However, this one is much funnier and wackier. Both of them said that they had fun shooting the film and Jennylyn even praised Sam for being such a professional, going on time when they're shooting and very gentleman as well, even calling her sometimes if she wants anything to eat so that he can buy it for her.

Sam praised Jennylyn even more saying he feels really blessed to have this opportunity to work with her, when he was asked if there will be a chance that they can be a "real life couple" someday, Sam answered sincerely and swiftly, "Why not, Jennylyn is every guy's dream." Which made everyone in the room filled with kilig. This made a remarkable question to Jennylyn is she is indeed single and ready to date Sam in the future in which she answered. "Pwede.".

Both have different opinions when it comes to PreNuptial Agreement, for Sam, he said he doesn't believe in PreNup saying it's all or nothing when you get married, you share everything and become as one. But if the parents insists, he will find a way for them to trust him in return. As for Jennylyn, she believes in PreNup. There are times, she explained that a person would like to protect his or her earnings in a way that can also secure his/her future. This is because he/she worked hard for it. 

Just recently, Direk Jun grabbed a best director trophy in an international filmfest for one of his latest masterpieces. Some of his unforgettable projects are "Barber's Tale," "Bwakaw" and "So It's You," to name a few.

In addition to this, New York City holds fond memories for the director as it paid witness to his and long-time partner Perci Intalan's exchange of vows a few years back.

Watch the Grand PressCon here:

So, brace yourselves for an exhilirating and exciting romantic ride as "The Pre-Nup" spreads love joy and good vibes - the AIDub way - when it hits theaters nationwide starting October 14 from Regal Entertainment. 

Also Starring: Melai Cantiveros, Ella Cruz, Dominic Ochoa, Nathalie Hart, Neil Coleta, Gardo Versoza, Jacklyn Jose, Freddie Webb

Watch the trailer here:

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