The PreNup Premiere Night and Movie Review

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Last October 13 was the most awaited night for Jennylyn Mercado and Sam Milby and the rest of their fans and Regal Films as their movie, The PreNup held their Premiere Night at SM Megamall.

It was a jampacked event filled with all #SamJen fans. Before the red carpet premiere, 
there were fun games where they can participate and win merchandise from the sponsors, posters and even a premiere night ticket for the said event. 

The event was also attended by some of the most notable artists in the industry together with Mother Lily who is also very excited with this film.

When the cast arrived, the crowd got even more excited. The PreNup Premiere night was attended by the cast Natalie Hart, Ella Cruz, Dominc Ochoa, Sam Milby and Jennylyn Mercado together with the Director, Jun Robles Lana.

The movie is all about a whirlwind romance and believe once you watch the movie, you might just want to get in that airplane and walk the streets of Manhattan in hopes of finding a guy like Sam Milby's character in the movie. 

The two met when Wendy (Jennlyn Mercado) meets Sean (Sam Milby) in a road accident. From being enemies because of the incident, they become acquainted while seated to each other in a long flight from Manila to New York City. They fall for each other while Sean is touring Wendy in the streets of Manhattan after Wendy met her father and felt sad about how he can't make time for her. When Wendy got drunk out of jealousy because of Natalie Hart's character, Sean heard her saying about her feelings for him which resorted the scene where Wendy told Sean, "No wedding, no loving!"

So, before Wendy return to Manila, Sean proposes to Wendy in what would seem like the perfect ending to a fantastic love story.

The film’s conflict arises when they arrive in Manila to prepare for their wedding. The couple discovers that despite their immense love for each other, their families who belong to different social classes, just can’t get along, hence, the need for the prenup. Sean's family belong to the upper class while Wendy's family, not so rich and also have a "unique" family set up. 

Wendy was raised by a gay couple played by Gardo Versoza and Dominic Ochoa together with her adopted siblings as well, Melai Cantiveros and Ella Cruz. Itotally love how Gardo and Dominic projected their role, in fact I can just imagine how doting and loving parents they were in real life. Gardo looked really fierce especially whenever he debates with Jacklyn Jose's role.  As for Dominic, I love the scene when he was cleaning the cabinet and since Wendy is sad reminiscing the days when she was with Sean, told her that even though they are not the perfect parents, they wish that they can still give her the happiness she deserves. It was indeed a heartfelt moment.

The PreNup has a lot of kilig scenes and quotable lines that you would want to write down for future use just like in scene in the movie where Wendy wrote down the lines she hears the foreigners use only to use it to Sean at one point. There's a lot of funny scenes as well.

Funny and Kilig Lines from The PreNup:
"Takot ako mahulog" - Wendy
"Assumera ng taon" - Wendy
"Between Men at Tulog, dun ako sa tulog, nakaka-ganda pa." - Wendy
"Tan tan pa, tarantado!" - Wendy
"You're not getting away from me, I'm not letting you." - Sean
"Because if you want my everything, You can have it." - Sean

It's evident that Jennylyn and Sam have that special chemistry in them and you can easily check how sincere their feelings are when they have scenes together and they're looking straight in the eyes of their partner. Direk Jun did a great job with the cinematography of the movie plus the kilig scenes of Sam and Jennylyn. Although PreNup is not widely used here in the Philippines, it's demonstrated in the movie how it would affect both parties once both parties signed the said agreement. 

I believe Regal Films did a good job with this movie. It's a big leap to the movies they did in the past where they can only be recognized in making Horror movies. Congrats to Mother Lily and the rest of Regal Entertainment together with the cast, Direk Jun Lana especially to Sam and Jennylyn, she totally deserve the title "RomCom Queen" for her comical roles in her past movies. Here's hoping for a sequel to this movie! Congrats as well on earning 8 million on it's first showing day!

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