Felix Manalo Premiere Night at Philippine Arena

Monday, October 12, 2015

It was my first time at the Philippine Arena and let me just share to you how amazed I was when I saw the huge area. Special thanks to Viva Entertainment/Viva Films for inviting Media and Bloggers to this one of a kind Premiere night of Felix Manalo starring Dennis Trillo and Bela Padilla with other prime actors and actresses.

The event was hosted by Richard Gutierez and Isabelle Daza with special performances by Nadine Lustre and Basil Valdez.

Felix Manalo was attended by 43,624 people on its premiere night held last October 4 at the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena in Bulacan, which garnered two Guinness World records: the largest audience at a film screening and the largest audience at a film premiere.

Check out Dennis Trillo and Bela Padilla's reaction when they walked at 
the red carpet premiere:

After watching the 2 and a half hour bio movie of Felix Manalo, I applaud Director Joel Lamangan for Best in Cinematography. I bet he is one of the very few prime directors who can do such an amazing and cinematic view of this movie. I felt like I was also right then and there where Felix Manalo once lived and shared his own teachings.

I have very limited knowledge about Iglesia ni Cristo and ever since I was a kid I've seen how grand the architectural structure they have on their churches and how men and women are separated when they worship and so forth but with this movie, it will give the audience more knowledge on their beliefs.

Felix Manalo movie started at the timeline of his life from1886 to his death in 1963. He started as a young boy who was already confused his Catholic faith at a young age. He has a lot of questions that needed answers about the Bible.

Years pass by, after being a Catholic even though his whole family was a Catholic even his uncle was a Priest, he still can't find the right answers to his questions about his faith. He therefore set forth to learn the doctrines of various religion in Manila, like the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Misyon Kristiyana, the Seventh Day Adventists, and even the Freethinkers.

I can't think any other actor who would fit the role well other than Dennis Trillo. He deserves an award for this movie. As for Bela Padilla, she truly portrayed a woman in that era and also a loving and supportive wife Honorata.

In 1913, Felix locked himself in the room for three days contemplating and reviewing the Bible over and over again which there concluded how he started Iglesia ni Cristo.
It was also demonstrated in the movie how INC members including Felix Manalo went through different struggles to maintain the stability of their faith until present time. 

The production team of this movie totally gave their very best just to give justice to the perimeter of the timeline. The set and costumes remain true to the time period, which was impressive since this film covers from late Spanish period all the way to the 1960s. Even the make up was was superb to me when Dennis and Bela grew old.

I may not be a member of INC but this movie also signifies a historical value in our society as well. Dennis Trillo's stellar performance is enough to make you watch this movie.

FELIX MANALO is still showing in over 400 cinemas nationwide!

Check out the cast and the grand presscon of FELIX MANALO here:

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