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Thursday, October 22, 2015

I always want to smell fresh and good all day, I mean who doesn't right? But most people I know wear a scent for whatever the mood they're in that day or wherever they might be. This is why I am so glad that I was introduced to this new product line that offers a rather unique concept when it comes to bath and body products. 

ESSENSU Lifestyle Essentials opened their first Kiosk at Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.This is their very first branch although some of their products can be found at Skin Perfect, a facial spa and soon in their upcoming kioks in the metro.

Essensu Lifestyle Essentials is a one stop shop that offers bath and body products that includes soaps and fragrances. Once you see their creative packaging, you will surely fall in love with it.

The inspiration came from the frequent traveling to Japan of the owner Ms. Sheila Ong-Ching. It started as a hair fragrance and now they have expanded more. Ms. Sheila said that she's very hands on when it comes to handling this business, the research for the packaging and overall look of each product underwent extensive research and the materials used came from France as well especially the oil used in the perfumes. 

Essensu Artisan

Check out these adorable soaps  that can also be a perfect gift this holiday season!
These soaps are inspired by cupcakes and icy/milky pops that looks really delectable when you see it but yes, they are hand-crafted soaps made with high quality products. I actually love the scent of each soap variants. 

My favorite is the Mikly Pop Strawberry, it really smells yummy and that's what your skin's gonna smell once you use it. 

MILKY POPS: Php 85/Php 105
ICY POP: Php 75 / Php 95
Foaming Treat: Php 150

Essensu Hair Fragrance Spritz

Another product I love from Essensu is their Hair and body spritz! I super love the packaging of this one, check it out. It looks really girly plus the names of each scent were named after different lolita sub-cultures thus Mori, Sakura, Hime & Saya. I'm using the Mori right now and honestly speaking, I sprayed only a small amount on my hair and even on my neck and it lasted the whole day! It also moisturizes and removes the unwanted scent of your hair. 

Price: Php 350

Essensu Air Mist

I love sparing cologne on my pillow before I go to sleep, it's been a habit for years now and upon knowing that Essensu offers Air Mist, I'm excited to check out their scents. I love the scent of the Fresh Tea, it makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a garden filled with green plants and orchids with butterflies everywhere. It will totally relax you. You can spray it on your oom, your pillows or anywhere you want to.

Price: Php 280

Essensu Varsity

If you're active and sporty, then these scents are for you. wear your passion with the varsity body mist: It's available in: The Gymnast, The three-pointer, the flyweight, the spiker, the archer and the striker.

Price: Php 105

Essensu Travel

A travel inspired fragrance line that takes inspiration from the world's famous cities and places. Imagine your scent taking you on a vacation. You will love the scent of Rome, Paris, Greece, Tokyo or New York. 

Price: Php 175

Varsity Cleanser

Stay fresh and clean all day with the Varsity Cleanser. It comes with Active Clean, Active Femme and Active Crisp. Aside from keeping you smelling fresh all day, it also makes your skin feels smooth as well.

Price: Php 105

Essensu also have VOYAGE, hair and body fragrance for those who loves to travel. It has two variants, one for Male and one for female. 

So, if you're looking for something cute and unique to give this Holiday season then you might as well give them Essensu Lifestyle Essentials. 

Visit their Kiosk at the 3rd Floor
Fisher Mall, Quezon City

For more details:
IG: @essensu_ph

For order and inquiries:

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