Check out the winners of To the Top: T.O.P. or Top One Project

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's been weeks since I got hooked with GMA Network's latest reality boy band show :TO THE TOP and just recently, the winners have been chosen which composed of five talented and good looking young members who truly deserve to win: 

 Miko Manguba
 Adrian Pascual
 Louie Pedroso
 Joshua Jacobe
Mico Cruz

All of them underwent rigorous battles before they get this far and the judhes who chose them were the pillars of the music, dance and showbiz industry which is why, they have that talent that can really go that far. According to T.O.P. (Top One Project) which is what they are called now, up until now they still can't believe that they won the said reality search. They feel blessed that they were included in the said boy band and they will do their best to show everyone that they deserve this spot and they can offers good music that 
everyone will love.

During the BlogCon, I was impressed with how determined T.O.P. members are and according to Mico M., because of this search, they grew even more mature and responsible because they know it's not really easy to get this far. Mico C. added that this opportunity is once in a lifetime which is why they'll grab it and never let go. When asked what if they were offered to do a solo career since most boy bands eventually separate in the future just like the popular boy bands here in abroad, Joshua said that right now, they're not thinking of anything that will disband their group, they want to focus as a group and perform as a group since they are now used to being with each other and their confidence also lies with one another.

Adrian Pascual is only 17 years old but talking to him will make you feel like he's older than you. At an early age, he mentioned that he already know what he wants and that is to perform. Right now, his family is very supportive of his endeavor and although he said that his voice is changing maybe because he is only 17,the group continuously does workshops to enhance their voice. According to him, his crush is Julie Anne San Jose and he would love to perform with her someday because she is very talented. Before To the Top, he has done several VTRs and auditions as well because of his good looks although right now, he is not yet thinking of an acting career.

Joshua and Mico M. on the other hand also has that inner music jive in them ever since they were kids. Mico was part of a singing group during his college days at De La Salle University and he knows how to arrange music which he is doing right now. Joshua knows how to play the guitar and also contributes in the groovy moves of the group. Joshua added that he enjoys contributing some steps when they perform because he really loves to dance. Both of them said that ever since they won this reality search, a lot has changed in their lives and they truly appreciate the fans who supports their mall shows and even follows them on social media which is why they make it a point to be online when they're not busy. Joshua revealed that his crush is Bianca Umali because he finds her really pretty while Mico M. said that he adores Julie Anne San Jose.

Mico C. and Louie still can't believe that they are now at this stage where they are doing mall shows and even has growing followers on social media. According to them, they don't feel tired doing what they love which is performing and they don't see their group disbanding as well since it's different for them because they all went though a lot of stages before they got this far which is why they want to enjoy it. Mico graduated from De La Salle and his family owns a business while Louie on the other hand finished BS Psychology at UST. 

Right now, T.O.P. released their very first single "Paggising" which will also be a part of their future album. I heard the song and I truly love it, hopefully they will release the
 music video soon.They'll will be having mall shows in the future so follow them on social media to get updates.

Check out their interview here:

Check out T.O.P. performing "Paggising" at ALden Richards Album Launch:

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