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Friday, October 02, 2015

Beanleaf focuses on formulating variety of flavors to achieve delectable and distinct blend of drinks. Beanleaf was established to give convenience, relaxation and high quality products without the need to go to different beverage shops to have both coffee and milk tea simultaneously; It is a coffee shop and milk tea shop combined into one. Beanleaf is evident in providing wide array of flavored milk tea, coffee and trademark beverages. Beanleaf Coffee and Tea uses imported flavorings and syrups, high quality imported leaves and the very famous aromatic coffee beans Arabica, so as to sustain the ingenuity of the formulas.

Ms. Jennylyn Mercado endorses Beanleaf and she recently franchised a branch at Timog Area Caltex Station, just in front of Red Planet Hotel and a few blocks away from 
GMA Network.

Beanleaf's concoctions are carefully formulated to ensure the quality of taste and appearance in every cup. Their coffee beans and  tea leaves comes naturally from the earth, so we claim the action in treating it well. 

Beanleaf  is also the very first café to serve their own customized and high-end SAUSAGES (Veal Bratwurst, Schublig, Hungarian, Italian Garlic, Pork Bratwurst,Frankfurter)with five different dipping sauces to choose from (Teriyaki, Aioli, Barbeque, Honey mustard, Satay peanut). The sausages are served with mashed potato topped with gravy. 

Their theme is Woody and classy ambience to give that cozy feeling to the dining customers. They also serve Smoked Salmon sandwich, Tuna Kani sandwich, Chicken Ciabatta and different cakes and more.

This is not Jennylyn Mercado's first business, in fact she already owns a fitness gym, a and boutique. According to Jennylyn, since she was endorsing Beanleaf, she feels it's also the perfect time to franchise her own branch and the perfect timing came when they found a place near GMA area.

 She added that she's hands on when it comes to her business, when she is not busy at work, she takes time visiting her business and one of them is Beanleaf. Jennylyn's favorite drink is Citrus with Malunggay.

Check out her interview here:

Beanleaf offers delicious cakes and also packed in jar sweets for your love ones!

Some of the drinks that we tried were:
 Wintermelon Milk Tea
 Creamy Cookie Butter 
Nutella Overload

Beanleaf's tagline is “Experience our Difference!”. It is because thay want to induce people to try and taste heir products in a way that they would be interested to know, and later on experience the “difference” of Beanleaf from any other coffee or milk tea shops.

Visit Beanleaf Caltex Timog Branch now!

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