Bea Binene Shared her 18th Birthday Preparations and more about her Legally B Docu-Show

Friday, October 30, 2015

A few days before Bea Binene's 18th birthday, she shared some of the details about her upcoming debut. This is a once in a lifetime event and she wants to make it sure that it would be a memorable one not only for her but also to everyone who will witness the said event.
For now she shared that most of her friends in showbiz will be present at her birthday since she will have 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasures. 

Some of the male celebrities that will be part of 18 roses are Kristoffer Martin, Ken Chan, Derrick Monasterio and Alden Richards who is also a close friend of her since Tween Academy. She added that she doesn't have an escort. Her 18 candles include Barbie Forteza, Louise delos Reyes, Joyce Ching, and Krystal Reyes.

The grand debut will happen at Manila Hotel on November 3 and she will be wearing 2 gowns, the motif will be Hollywood glam since it will happen in a ballroom. 

After launching Legally B, her documentary show via GMA News TV that chronicles how she prepares for her 18th birthday among other things and you will get to know a lot more things about Bea behind the scenes, not only her but also her family and friends.

Bea Binene showcased how passionate she is in her craft ever since she started in showbiz. She was paired with a love team but right now she is pursuing a solo career which she said is just perfect since she will turn 18 soon and she wanted to get mature roles to practive her versatility. She has done many roles like comedy, romance, horror and drama, she would also love to do an action packed role someday. Bea Binene also showcased her talent in singing infact she had an self titled album before, when she was asked if she will have an album any time soon, she saidmaybe someday but right now she wants to focus on acting and her show Legally B.

Bea doesn't want to stop honing her skills when it comes to acting, she goers through workshops and right now she is also a regular student studying A.B. Film in Meridian International (MINT) and she finds it really nice that she goes to know more what goes on behind the camera plus she also has a lot of friends at school. She added, "I actually wanted to take up Comm Arts, kaya lang, hinabol ko kasi yung high school so na late ako for enrollment, and I looked for a school na open enrollment pa for this sem since most of the schools right now are offering K-12 so affected lahat ng year levels kaya I settled for this one which is also helping me big time."

One of the things that she is excited to do after she turns 18, she is excited to vote in the upcoming elections plus she is also excited to drive her own car and more. She also loves to travel which is why she would love to do it soon as well.

Right now, she wants to focus more on her career and studies which is why love life will not be on her list but who knows, she said that she is young and there's more to life that she wanted to discover and learn. She wants to prepare herself for whatever life has to offer.
Among others things, she is really excited on her debut and she is very hands on with all the preparations together with her mom. She added that her favorite part was the food tasting but she is also currently working on losing more weight so she is busy working out and going on a strict diet.

Lastly, Bea shared the best advice her Mom gave her and she said, "Wag ko daw kalimutan lahat ng tinuro nya..mag-iisip ka palagi, kailangan iba-balance mo yung mga bagay-bagay, kailangan maging professional ka, maging humble ka, lumingon ka sa pinanggalingan mo."

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