When Love is Not Enough: The Story of Marie

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Love should be that magical feeling that will make you inspired all your life. It should make you feel that even at your darkest times, love will make you shine at your brightest. But what if love fades and that magic that was once there continuously fades and what is left is self pity, a feeling of longing because there's nothing left to do but to let go and move forward.

There's this girl named Marie, she's independent, she's determined. She's used to being on her own because she's been through a lot. At an early age she needs to be tough because she needs to be strong for her family after her parents got separated. It may be typical for others, at this time and age, it seems normal for others that to have separated parents but for someone like Marie who was used to having her parents together mooning over her it was hard, because she knew then that love eventually fades away and that even long relationships that has a wonderful fruit will gradually fade and what is left is madness and disgust.

As time flies by, Marie did her best to help her family. From having everything to nothing after her father left, she needs to help with the finances and through the help of her relatives, she works hard, finished college and eventually landed on a job fo support her family. Life became even more fruitful when she met this person who turned her life upside down and for almost 8 years they tried hard to build a wonderful relationship. There's been a lot of ups and downs. There's been unfaithfulness, twice and Marie eventually learns to forgive and forget but the second time was the biggest blow. It was like the world has stopped because this person made it clear that "love" faded away and it was replaced with hate. 

That the love which was there once is now directed to someone else. It was hard for Marie to accept the fact that this is happening and that everything that she holds on to, that everything that build up for in the future now became blurred and hopeless. Eventually this person learned that Marie will stay no matter what which is why they tried patching things up,  live normally once again as if nothing happened but the question still remains,  is love still there? Marie feels like a lot has changed, she tries her best to be make things work and even this person but what is just like what this person said that destiny happens and that no matter what happens, if you're not meant to be then that is your Fate. Too bad for Marie though because no matter what her friends say, she chooses to stay. She chose to stay and take care of this person even though she feels like this person doesn't appreciate her presence and that even though she has given almost everything, she feels invisible, it's like it will never be enough. It's like everything she does is wrong and nothing feels right. 

She chose love because she still believes in forever,  but for how long? She doesn't know. It may be stupidity for others but this is a wake up call for other women out there or for anyone who's crazy in love with someone. Don't give your 100% because once you do, you will be stuck in that feeling. Love yourself more, love your family who's there for you through thick and thin and at the end of the day, your love ones and your friends are thebonly ones who pick you up and you will be picking up what's left inside of you. Marie has nothing and eventually she will learn to fill that empty space by herself because no one will. But I salute Marie because she is a woman that knows how to sacrifice everything for what she believes in. 

What do you think of Marie? Have you experienced the same thing? Share it below :) 

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