The Cat House Cafe: Adorable Cats & Yummy Bento Meals

Monday, September 07, 2015

Cat lovers unite! I super love cats because I find them so fluffy and adorable and just to make things even more exciting, a Cat Cafe recently opened at Katipunan, Quezon City.
It will surely melt your heart once you drop by at The Cat House Cafe.

Once you reach the top stairs where The Cat House Cafe is located, you will need to read the House Rules first and you might want to leave your shoes in the cabinet and wear socks so that you may freely roam the area.

Prepare for cuteness overload once you enter the Cafe.

I super love how they maximize the space. Set in a convenient location in Katipunan Avenue, the Uchi No Neko Family built the permanent cafe site, which boasts one hundred square meters of dining and cat interaction space. 

Designed to be the ultimate cat lover's haven, Cat House is furnished with comfortable, cat-themed seats and tables for dining, and surrounded by custom-made feline-friendly furniture, including overhead kitty highways, play areas, cat gyms, and even human-sized hammocks and swings.

Check out some of the super cute feline friends that they have there.
They are very friendly, you can touch them but please, don't hold them that tight or carry them around, pinch them or anything that will scare them away.
And since Cat House Cafe cater primarily to cat-loving fur parents, Uchi No Neko has a 9-suite cat hotel on a separate floor from the cafe area, where you can entrust them with your feline babies while you're away on vacation or work. Their floor-to-ceiling enclosures provide a comfortable, safe environment for our hotel guests, with 24-hour staff to attend to each and every client's needs.

Some of the cats that they have there are for adoption and if you really love to adopt one of the cats that they have, you will go through a process just to prove that you will be able to take very good care of them, some of them went through tough times and it will surely wonderful if their next parents will be able to love them.

The cat madness does not stop with the cafe's interiors—their food and drinks, developed by their cat-loving kitchen staff, are also kitty-themed! Check out the menu below:

Spam Musubi
Kitty Onigiri
Japanese Chicken
Ebi Fried Shrimp
Beef Teriyaki
Cheese Tempura
Hibiscus Tea
Cat House Powershots
For coffee lovers out there!

They researched the best ways to design and present the drinks and bento meals to taste as good as they look—people will surely be taking photos of their meals before digging
in. All of the food were really delectable and my favorite is the Beef Teriyaki, it's tender and really tasty. I also love their Powershots drinks, it really tasted like gummy bears and 
it's very refreshing. 

Meet their Mascot Momo!

The Cat House Cafe wanted to provide top-quality service and go beyond the usual quaint cat cafe. Uchi No Neko is also a venue for arts, crafts, and literature workshops and seminars, as well as a gallery for cat artworks from different artists. They also provide opportunities for small businesses to showcase and sell their unique and certified kitty-themed merchandise and help spread the word about their ventures.

Visit The Cat House Cafe at 2nd Floor, 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (in front of Ateneo de Manila University, right beside National Bookstore), call or text them at 09272149374, or email at

Thank you so much The Cat House Cafe for having us! I'll definitely come back!

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