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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Piolo Pascual unleashes his dark side as he stars in the thriller film "Silong."

Piolo and Rhian took a leap of faith by playing reclusive doctor Miguel Cascarro and Valerie Ramos, respectively. 

The plot evolves around Miguel, who lives all by his lonesome abode in this big ancestral provincial home. Valerie escapes all bloodied and beaten up from her abusive husband, the late chief of police.

Their paths cross when Miguel (Piolo) steps hard on the breaks to avoid hitting Valerie (Rhian) on a deserted road. He brings the total stranger to his home, treats her until she recovers and bonds with her like no other.

The plot seems to unfold so predictably, with the doctor and the beautiful stranger sharing a meal, teasing each other, learning one another’s deepest secrets.

"It's a mystery, kakaiba nga siya. Maski our roles nakakagulat. Iba ang twist ng roles namin," he said about his role, in an interview on Friday before the press screening of their film.

The Kapamilya actor said he wanted to do the project to give his fans something new to see.

"Minsan gusto natin 'yong hindi natin usually nakikita," he explained. "I guess for the love of what we do, for the sake of art, respect for the craft, giving back and for giving us work."

As for his leading lady, Piolo said their work went smoothly because Rhian was easy 
to work with.

"Rhian was one of the easiest I've worked with," he said about Rhian. "Wala kang maririnig na complain. Sobrang bait sa set, walang paki sa cut off. Kaya masarap kasi we're all having fun, we're enjoying. Masarap katrabaho si Rhian kasi we're on the same page, gusto namin magtrabaho nang maayos."

Rhian and Piolo also talked about the intimate scene they did for the movie.
Rhian felt nervous before shooting the intense scenes because she hasn’t done any of those in her career. But she candidly said during the presscon that when she read the script and learned that Piolo will be her partner, she instantly said yes, "Si Piolo yan eh!".

“I demanded a bottle of wine. And I told myself I will try to be as brave I can,” she recalled.

But like Piolo, Rhian thinks the role is something she owes herself as an actor.

“It’s something I don’t usually do,” she admitted. “I didn’t know if I will pull it off or not.”

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