Milkcow at Eastwood City Libis

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Ice Cream will always be the staple dessert here in the country and whether it may be summer or rainy season, people tend to dig Ice Cream for comfort food and I am definitely one of them. 

Just last year Milkcow officially opened their very first branch here in the Philippines.
 Milkcow is a famous soft organic Ice Cream brand in Korea and I'm glad they opened their first branch near where I work which is at Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City.

The moment you enter Milkcow, you feel a relaxing ambiance inside. I super love the ambiance, a theme of modern design with black and white as their main color. Simple yet elegant. You will surely enjoy what they can offer with this best ambiance like this one.

Milkcow don't just offer soft organic ice cream but they also offer different pastries, 
latte and ice drinks. Another favorite of mine is their Parmesan Basil Chicken! I really recommend this one, it tasted really fresh, you can really taste the basil plus the bread is soft, you'll know that it is freshly baked not just heated.

Now, let's check out their famous soft organic ice cream:
 Macao Dream
 Cookies & Cream 
 Milky Pearl
 Milky Cube
 Milky Honey

Of all the soft organic ice cream in their menu that we ordered, I especially loved the Cookies & Cream because it's not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness so that you will enjoy the fine texture of the ice cream.

There's a lot of Ice cream parlors in Metro Manila and I recommend Milkcow because you will truly enjoy their soft organic ice cream. 

Happy food hunting!

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