Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil Features GMA Network Stars Kris Bernal & Lucho Ayala

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Following the raging success of hit rock-comedy musical,  Rak of Aegis, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) shows no sign of slowing down as they bring back another theater favorite and classic, Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil in September at the 
PETA Theater Center.

A modern retelling of Rizal’s masterpieces written by acclaimed writer and academic, Nicanor Tiongson, Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil brilliantly captures the revolutionary philosophies of Rizal’s two greatest novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Together with the visual prowess of theater stalwart, Soxie Topacio, audience members are promised a powerful and moving theater piece.

With over 50 performances all over the nation and several nods from critics during its first run in 2008, Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil was truly a striking tribute to Rizal’s exceptional narratives. Almost 7 years after its first performance, the production’s message remains to be as powerful if not stronger than when it was first staged with a restructured script that tackles some of today’s most pressing political issues  concentrating on governance and corruption.

 Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil welcomes a mix of fresh-faced actors and veteran theater actors. Lucho Ayala, a budding actor known for his acting stints in various GMA shows, Kahit Nasaan Ka Man, Indio, One True Love, and Blusang Itim, as the hero, Ibarra. His love interest, Clarissa (Maria Clara), will be played by two experienced performers, Kris Bernal, recognized for her acting roles in major GMA productions, and Liza Dino-Seguerra, a skilled artist who has experience not only in theater acting but also in film and TV. Other cast members include: Raul Alfonso, Jojo Atienza, Renante Bustamante, Roi Calilong, Buddy Caramat, Mikou David, Eric dela Cruz, Jess Evardone, Rhenwyn Gabalonzo, Gio Gahol, Neomi Gonzales, Joseph Madriaga, Nicole Manlulo, Gie Onida, Kitsi Pagaspas, Joanne Pamintuan, Norbs Portales, Raffy Tejada, Jack Yabut, and many others.

Kris Bernal
Lucho Ayala

Two of GMA Network's prime star is part of this historical play. During KULTURA BLOGCON, Kris Bernal told us about her role. "I play the role of Clarissa. Siya 'yung modern Maria Clara. But of course, I'll still imbibe the traits of the sinaunang Maria Clara. Mahinhin, naniniwala pa rin sa sinaunang courtship and masunurin sa pamilya. Kumbaga, makikita pa rin nila kung sino talaga si Maria Clara. Childhood sweetheart ko si Ibarra." 

Lucho on the other hand is Ibarra, "Ako naman si Ibarra, siguro familiar naman kayo sa obra ni Jose Rizal na Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo 'no? Si Crisostomo Ibarra and Simon sa El Fili. Kumbaga ito si Ibarra sa act 1 tapos magiging si Simon ako sa act 2. Nag-aral ako abroad, bumalik ako ng Philippines at naging mayor ako dito. I want to change the status quo." 

Both Lucho and Kris undergo auditions and when they were picked, they still need to go through series of workshops and script reading since according to them, play is totally different compare to teleseyes or movies, this one is live performance.

Kris and Lucho during Kultura Blogcon

According to Lucho and Kris, even before they got this project, they are a big fan of plays. Kris said that when she was in high school she would always take part in plays either production or as main cast and she also loves watching plays. Like Kris, Lucho also love watching plays, either local or foreign. For Lucho though, he studied theater arts at University of the Philippines for two years which is why he also have a background in theater.

The heroic Ibarra/Simoun, the damsel Maria Clara, the flawed Damaso and Salvi, and all the other rich characters of the epic book will still be recognized by audience members but with a contemporary twist as the story takes place in Maypajo, Quezon during one of the most devastating storms of the decade affecting the lives of almost 3,000 citizens and destroying 200 households.

A perfect reflection of Rizal’s profound ideologies during his time and the effects of today’s politics and corruption, Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil repackages Rizal’s obras into a modern production that relates well to audience members, particularly students, looking for a fresh perspective on their classroom lessons.

Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil will reopen at the PETA Theater Center on the weekend of September 10 until September 13; moving to a bigger venue at the Springs Production Studios on New Manila for the coming shows (September 18 to September 27). The run will end with a Rizal themed festival entitled,  “Sa Aking Mga Kabata: An arts festival on the life and works of Rizal” on September 25 to 27 packed with an exciting line-up of workshops, performances, and lectures that will surely spark the viewer’s passion for nation building.

For more information on Noli at Fili Dekada Dos MIl and Sa Aking Mga Kabata, interested viewers may visit or call PETA at 725 6244. Tickets for the gala night on September 10 are available on

Check out the video of Kultura Blogcon here:

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