Louise Delos Reyes & Arianne Bautista Celebrated their Birthday with kids at North Wing Manila

Friday, September 11, 2015

Gorgeous ladies Luise Delos Reyes and Arianne Bautista celebrated their birthday last September 8 at their very own restaurant North Wing Manila located at the famous food haven street, Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. 

This year, they're celebrating it by sharing their blessings to the kids who joined them in a fun afternoon filled with fun games, surprises and delicious food!

The birthday event was hosted by fellow GMA Artist Center star Stephanie Sol who is also a close friend of Arianne Bautista and Louise Delos Reyes.

Louise and Arianne made it sure that the kids had a great time. They joined the kids as they play games like Bring Me and they instantly got prizes too. The kids were all too excited to have a dance showdown as well with Arianne and Louise.

After the fun games comes another wonderful party of the birthday celebration, Louise and Arianne got busy distributing the delicious food to the kids and we also got the chance to savor the yummy dishes at North Wing Manila like their Pizza, Chicken Wings and their refreshing drinks! I'll be featuring North Wing Manila's sumptuous dishes soon here at my blog so stay tuned! 

The kids truly enjoyed Louise and Arianne's fun birthday party and they all went home with a present from the birthday celebrants. According to Arianne and Louise, they really requested that the venue for their birthday party will be at North Wing Manila and they feel thankful that it was granted and they got the chance to share something really special to the kids since both of them also love kids.

Arianne Bautista has already porven how good she is when it comes to hosting and this year and the coming years, she wishes that she can showcase her acting skills more. Whether drama or comedy, she would love to challenge herself in that area. Aside from her showbiz career, Arianne is also a Business woman and at a young age, she already owns a restaurant at Maginhawa Street which is Tornado Peri Peri Chicken and the other one is North Wing Manila with co-owner Louise Delos Reyes.

Arianne manages the operations  explained the concept behind their newly-opened restaurant North Wing Manila . She said, “It is a one-stop shop, three-concept restaurant para hindi na sila kailangan lumabas pa and to go out. Ang mga nangyayari sa restaurants sa Maginhawa, parang pupunta sila dito, tapos pupunta pa sila ulit sa iba kaya na-conceptualize namin ‘yung ganun.”

Louise Delos Reyes plays the role of Lea Fernandez in the GMA Primtime soap My Faithful Husband and according to her, it's a big privilege working with Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado.  Right now, she's very thankful with all of the wonderful blessings coming her way and sharing it to others is the perfect way to give thanks to everyone who has been supporting her since she started.

This year, she invested on something that she thinks would help her secure her future more, by investing into a Food Business which has been her dream ever since. Louise manages the marketing operations of North Wing Manila which is located at the famous food trip in the Quezon City, Maginhawa Street. The food place is divided into three stations and offers everything one craves for. In North Wing, they serve chicken wings, pizza, and pasta. Steaks are found in the West Wing while drinks are offered at the East Wing. 

Louise added, “Tapos parang sobrang lakas kasi ng food strip ng Maginhawa. So why not join the bandwagon of making a restaurant and making it work? Madali gumawa ng restaurant pero ‘yung sustainability and ‘yung product mo, dapat quality over quantity.” 

Louise admitted that she feels inspired today since someone is actually making her even more special these past few days but didn't actually said the name. She added that this guy brightens up her day. 

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The birthday event is made possible by the generous sponsors: GMA Artist Center, Aquabest, Yummy Burger by Chico's Street Food, Sundance, Sweet Retreat 
and YSA Skin Care.

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