Buena Familia Set Visit: Meet Julian Trono, Angelu De Leon, Jackie Rice and Mayton Eugenio's Role

Friday, September 25, 2015

Buena Familia was aired last July 28 which tells a story about every person’s struggle to provide for his or her family’s welfare and how good fortune is attained through one’s endeavor to live nobly. Buena Familia gained high ratings on its very own timeslot, continuously providing Filipino viewers a teleserye they'll surely love.

Stellar performances were witnessed weekdays with the cast starting off with Bobby Andrews and Angelu De Leon as the head of the family while their children Kylie Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose, Julian Trono, and Mona Louise Rey struggles to make their family bind together despite the hardships coming their way.

During our Buena Familia set visit, we got the chance to interview some of the cast:

Julian Trono plays the role of Edwin, son of Bobby Andrews and Angelu De Leon in the series. According to Julian, he feels very blessed to work with Bobby and Angelu because like everyone else, he is also a fan. He learned a lot from them when it comes to working as a professional artist, and since he's been acting ever since he was a kid, he takes time to update his acting skills every now and then by taking workshops so that he'll be more comfortable doing drama scenes. 

During our interview, it was exact day of Julian's birthday and he is working! We asked how he will celebrate his birthday and he said that he is not really particular on the "celebrations", whatever happens that day, come what may because he doesn't do any preparation although he feels thankful that a lot of people remembered his birthday. Right now, he is also excited to continue his journey in acting and also singing and dancing. In the series, since Edwin is very close to his father, he'll feel rebellious because of the problems arising in their family and part of that is being hook on drugs but Julian said that soon his character will also realize that he needs to be strong for his family especially now that his father is also counting on him. How will Edwin fight his sanity after being hook on drugs?
Will they loose hope?

Check out Julian Trono's Interview here:

Also part of Buena Familia are Mayton Eugenio and Jackie Rice. Mayton is known for being 
being a good performer when it comes to dancing, now she is paving her way into acting and Mayton said, she loves doing different set of characters because it's one way of showcasing her versatility. She used to play a mean girl in her past teleserye and now, she plays a good friend. Jackie on the other hand I'm a big fan. I've seen how she transitioned after her Starstruck days and she is really a good actress. Whatever role you gave her, she can definitely nail it, I just she will be given a teleserye of her own. 

According to Jckie, she also loves playing the villain and she feels flattered when people recognize how good she is especially when people starts calling her by her character's name. 
She added it's easier to do drama but she is more challenged to do comedy because it really takes a skill to make people laugh. Moreover, she gave an advice to the hopefuls of Starstruck to just follow their dreams and be tough because a lot of challenges will come their way and they have to be driven to make it happen. Catch Jackie Rice as Iris Florencio as she makes Kylie Padilla role "Celine" life miserable and Mayton Eugenio as Lauren Villacor.

Watch our interview here:

Angelu De Leon plays the role of Bettina Agravante-Buena, the wife of Arthur Buena (Bobby Andrews). This is a comeback project for Bobby and Angelu as a love team and their playing husband and wife in this series. According to Angelu she feels really happy that people are all excited with their team up in this project and likewise when she learned that they'll be teaming up again after so many years, she  can't help but reminisce their TGIS days when they play the role of Wacks and Peachy. I was a fan and I make it a point to do my homework on Friday just so I can block of my Saturday and watch TGIS. 

Angelu shared how easy it is to work with Kylie, Julie Anne, Julian and Mona Louise Rey. 
She praised how professional they were when it comes to working and they come to the set all prepared and ready to shoot. If the kidfs where learning a lot from her and Bobby, Angelu said that she is also learning a lot from them since it is completely different nowadays with all the technology. Now, she can easily know the response of people to Buena Familia and she can track her followers and fans online and thank them for supporting the show, back then show would even receive letters from her fans.  She added that she is looking forward to have a reunion project with her TGIS friends, hopefully soon. 

Don't miss the struggle of Bettina as she fights to make her family reunited again and be back in Arthur's arms once again.

Watch her interview here:

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