Thea Tolentino, Jeric Gonzales, Mona Louise Rey and Miggs Cuaderno Celebrated their Birthday at White Cross

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's not everyday that artists get the chance to celebrate their birthday in a unique way simply because most of them are busy with their respective projects but thankfully, GMA Artist Center gives their artists a chance to celebrate their birthday in a more
 meaningful way.

Thea Louise Señerez-Tolentino or better known as Thea Tolentino celebrated her birthday last August 13 and she's now 19 years old. She celebrated her birthday that day with a surprise party from her love ones at Jean's Manila Restaurant which is owned by no less than Ms. Jean Garcia who is also Thea's co-star in The Half Sisters. 

Thea started her career as one of the winners of the second season of the reality show, Protégé, a reality based artista search, created by GMA Network. Since then, she became a contract artist of GMA and began appearing on their television dramas such as Teen Gen, Anna Karenina and Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy. Right now, she wishes that people would continue to support The Half Sisters which has been running for 2 years now and has consistently topped the ratings from Day 1.  She feels blessed that she was part of The Half Sisters because it was her biggest project and gave her a lot more recognition and tested her acting career as well.

When asked about love life, Thea said that right now she's focused on her career. But she has crushes and her biggest crush is the JPOP group Yamada which made her bought a concert ticket just to watch them live. There's a lot of things that she love about Japan and one of them is their Manga. She's been to Japan twice and she really loves going there, Japanese guys actually like her too because she told us one experience that one Japanese guy showed some signs that he likes her, this is when they visited Japan for The Half Sisters taping.

Jeric Gonzales celebrated his birthday last August 7 and he is now 23 year old. Another Protege grand winner on its second season and since then he's been doing a lot of project under the helm of GMA Artist Center like Pyra, Ang Babaeng Apoy, Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw, Strawberry Lane, Pari Koy, Alamat and his latest is the upcoming GMA Afternoon block telerserye "Destiny Rose" together with Ken Chan.

Destiny Rose, according to Jeric is one of the projects that he's been looking forward into doing because his role is also a big challenge to him. According to Jeric, he also auditioned for the main role but in landed on Ken Chan's lap. Fortunately he's still a big part of the the teleserye. Jeric said that working with Ken Chan was is a fun experience since he's very professional. He doesn't have any qualms or limitations when it comes to accepting projects because he wants to do well in this craft. He added that he doesn't feel aloof with the third sex as well, and haven't experience any advances from them too, for now.

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Mona Marbella Al-Alawi or Mona Louise Rey turned 11 years old last August 19. 
She celebrated her birthday with her family on a vacation at Boracay. Mona started out young in the showbiz industry and before she became an artist, she's been doing print and commercials as well.

Her very first teleserye was Munting Heredera and since then she's been getting major projects from GMA Network because talent wise, she is indeed a bright child actress. Some of her recent notable teleserye's were Carmela, Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw, My BFF and now she's part of GMA Afternoon prime "Buena Familia" as one of the daughters of Ms. Angelyu De Leon and Bobby Andrews. Her role is Faye Buena. 

Miggs Cuaderno also celebrated his birthday that day and he was thankful he was able to celebrate it at White Cross with the kids. Last 2014, He won the Best Actor Award at the 20th Cheries Cheris Film Festival held in Paris, France. He won the recognition for his performance in the Cinemalaya film Quick Change. Miggs also won as the Best Supporting Actor for the film Children’s Show in the New Breed category of the Cinemalaya Film Festival.   He was part of Second Chances with Ms. Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo. His upcoming project is Destiny Role where he'll portray the young Ken Chan.

Thea, Jeric, Mona and Miggs truly made the kids at White Cross very happy. Aside from delicious food, fun games and raffle, they also have a very special gift for the kids from Asia's Parks Amusement and Development Corp. The celebrants would also like to thank GMA Artist Center, Boardwalk, Hammerhead Kids, Flawless, Aquabest, Zagu and Sweet Corner.

The birthday event held at White Cross was hosted by Tess Bomb.
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