Korean Chicken? Go For Smoper Chicken!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I love Chicken, who else doesn't love chicken? not unless you're allergic to it but 
any dish with chicken on it I will totally eat it and love it, that's how fanatic I am with Chicken. We all know there's a vast chicken fast food nowadays in the country and 
when I have time, I go food tripping! :-)

This time, I am so happy to be invited in a food blog fest! featuring:
SMOPER Korean Chicken

Smoper Chicken came all the way from Korea with almost 800 branches. 
This is their first branch here in the Philippines and located at 26th street corner 
4th avenue Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. 

The location is perfect for those yuppies working at The Fort area. It is located at One McKinley Place just beside Seattle's Best and Mini Stop. Since I love walking, and I always enjoy walking at BGC since everytime I go there it's either I'll buy a book or go food tripping nevertheless, it's always fun to shed some fats and go walking. So there I walked from 
Market Market up to Smoper Chicken's branch, woohoo! :-)

The place has a nice ambiance, I love the lighting and you don't have to worry about the temperature because it's very cold inside. 

Wifi?No problem, they have a wifi! You don't have to worry about checking in at this place.
The place is not that big but just enough to accommodate a number of people.
I just hope they would add more seats because once people discovered this place, it will jam packed with customers!

The menu :-) Very straightforward. you don't have to look or ask for anything else, 
it's all there, plain and simple. :-) Their main menu of course is Korean style chicken.

The Food

Let's check out their famous Korean style chicken:  The serving sizes range from regular 
(3 pcs), large (5 pcs) and family (8 pcs).  

You can also select between legs, thigh and breast part of the chicken. Some Korean fast food joints doesn't offer breat part or leg part and I don't want to drop names which is why I Smoper because they offer my favorite part of the chicken: breast! :-)

For the wing part, the serving size is doubled.  The sauces available are original, spicy and soy garlic. I love soy garlic! It has a tinge of spicy and sweetness in it. There are also combo meals available, which consists of 1 or 2 pieces of chicken together with either rice or fries.  The combo meal also comes with drinks. Plus, you can choose from 3 different sauces: Original, Soy-garlic or Spicy. 

I also fully reccomend for you to try the following dishes, tho thumbs up for me! :-)

Bulgogi (Beef)

Popcorn Chicken

Curry Rice

Fish Sticks

Maki ( I love this! of all the ones I tasted)

Very tasty!

Jajang Yang - a new dish of Smoper, but this is
perfect with Popcorn chicken :-)  Tried and tested! 

Fried Maki! 

All in all I super enjoyed my food trip here at Smoper chicken. They serve 
bigger portions of chicken compared to others. I hope they will remain consistent with this one since most of us really enjoy our chicken served with bigger portions. This is the first time that I tried chicken dipped in sauce and sprinkled with peanuts!

You also have the option to serve the sauce separately from chicken so that you will have the choice what kind of sauce you want from soy garlic, curry, spicy and original.

The crew are friendly and courteous. I like it when I eat at a joint where service crews are always smiling and attentive with your needs. I enjoy the chicken very much and find it quite delightfully addicting. The type that makes you eager for the next bite. It is also very affordable since the serving size is quite big. 

I will definitely come back and bring my family and friends here. I want to try their
 dessert -  Patbingsoo (Halo- Halo)

For more details, Like their Official Facebook page:

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