Hong Kong Disneyland: An Enchanting and Memorable Trip

Friday, July 05, 2013

It was our second day in Hong Kong and we were scheduled to go to Disneyland in the afternoon after our city tour in Hong Kong. I was a bit worried since it has been raining nonstop that day. When we got to Disneyland, it was indeed raining hard and although I felt dismayed, my hope and excitement though, didn't fade away :)

Sunny Bay station ~ train going to Disneyland (MTR)

Even though it's raining, I quickly wore my coat and thank the heavens above for bring my umbrella then off we go! I wouldn't miss this chance of touring my ultimate dream destination ever since I was a kid! :)

Once you get inside the park, you will be greeted with this beautiful fountain where you can see Mickey Mouse surfing on top of the water plus, the thing is, once you get inside, it gets more magical. 

First station of Disneyland Express

Disneyland will always be Disneyland. I will always be a fan girl of this enchanting amusement park and since this is my first time to go there, I totally enjoyed it to the very core. Truly, some of the best childhood memories were build here and what more can we expect?:) 

I am truly excited to meet my all time favorite cartoon characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse! Thankfully we did get the chance to take picture with them! :)

You will reminisce more about your childhood because you will hear 
instrumental songs of Disney films making you hum along. 
Eventhough it was raining hard, we didn't miss the chance of watching the street parade!

Take note that you must know the schedule of the street parade so that you won't miss this chance, it was raining that day which is why they rode a train but if it were sunnier, they would have been dancing in the streets with all of us but hey, they still dance and wave at us.  
The Food & souvenirs! 
I wouldn't pass up the opportunity of eating anything Mickey! We ate Mickey Mouse waffle which is served with yummy whipped cream, maple syrup and a strawberry :) Then there's this Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream as well :)

Souvenirs or gifts for your love ones are everywhere so you might as well buy some for yourself as a remembrance. There's plenty of them at Disneyland!

You can also eat at the Royal Banquet Hall where they serve different choices of food like rice, chicken, pasta, soup and desserts.

Different Themes at Disneyland
There are 7 zones that comprises Disneyland which are the following: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Grizzy Gulch, Main Street USA, 
Toy Story Land and Mystic Point. 

The Fantasyland


Grizzy Gulch

Toy Story Land


Mainstreet USA

Mystic Point

Of all the rides that we experience, I will never forget the one at Mystic Manor. It was like I'm a part of a fantasy movie! 

It was such an amazing experience for me that I will not forget the day when I 
finally got there. Everything was like a blur or like a dream :) I also got the chance to watch the fireworks display in the end but I didn't got the chance to take a photo of it (too bad) because I was so amazed with what I'm watching at that time. I really hope I can go there again anytime soon with my family this time, I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Some reminders:
Disneyland is for people who loves to walk and enjoy rides, so the best way to enjoy 
everything is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 

Of course you can ride the railroad from one point to another but you will enjoy it more when you walk around with your family or friends. Plus, you'll get the chance to take more pictures.

So, for me I totally know the reason why kids even young at hearts have been mesmerized with this magical amusement park.  The experience is just priceless and I don't know how Disneyland does it but hey, they do it really well. :)

I would like to thank Glutamax Philippines for this wonderful 
experience. Thank you for this awesome trip! :)

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  1. This is best for the whole family, kids will definitely enjoy this place. Great pictures... Thanks for the share..