A Drink to Different Kinds of Dads

Friday, June 07, 2013

Fathers have traditionally been associated with a strong, silent presence at home – disciplined and disciplinary, dependable, determined, devoted. Or simply put, just Dad. And however way we see him, he has many facets and many personalities, each one deserving a drink not just on his special day, but every day of the year. Because, why not? 

The Debonair Dad. This is a side you may not often see – your dad as a dashing hero on the dance floor. But see, before you were born, he swept your mom off her feet, and we hope, still continues to do so until now. Pop a bottle of Tanduay Black and expose both his sweet and dark side. And don’t wait for your dad to tell you – always drink responsibly.

The Doting Dad. He is more familiar to daughters, one who quietly listens to your nonstop chatter, tactfully consoles you over your latest heartbreak, and patiently accompanies you as you shop for hours. And whatever your age, you will always be his baby, which is why he always has a bottle of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water whenever you’re around, just in case.

The Dependable Dad. Whatever scrapes you get into, one thing is certain. He will be ready to help you fight your battles, watch as you learn from your mistakes, and beam with pride when you excel – or even just try and participate. When you’re down and out, he’ll have a bottle of Nestea RTD ready for you, to refresh your spirit.

The Daredevil Dad. Up in the morning for a bike ride, out in the afternoon for a swim,
running at night before bed. He is sporty but not reckless, and welcomes your company as he trains. Inside his backpack is a bottle of Summit Natural Drinking Water, and stocked in his refrigerator is a case of 100PLUS. The only thing he asks for? Please keep up with his pace.

The Do-It-Yourself Dad. Baon? Check. Laundry? Check. Housework? Check. Leisure? Check. He’s everywhere and does everything for you, and doesn’t seem to ever get tired. Here’s his secret: He takes Cobra Energy Drink because he needs to keep up with your busy lifestyle and maintain his own.
So which side of your dad do you see more often?

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