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Friday, May 24, 2013

If I had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would I use it?:)

At one point or another, everyone has wanted to be someone else for a day, whether it is a real celebrity, or a fictional character. I always do that, when I was a kid I always daydream of being someone else because for me I think that was cool. 

 If I could be anyone I wanted for a day, I would choose to become the fictional DC Comics character Superman. Most people would assume this is due to his superhuman abilities and powers, such as flight. While they are nice, the real reason I want to become Superman is because of the impact he can make on the world. As a girl, when my cousins would plays their toys Superman is always there, I am always drawn to Superman because he was the ideal superhero, strong, saving lives, and down to earth, but as I grew older I understood more and more about Superman as a character. The reason he is considered the greatest superhero is not because of his powers. It is because Superman is a symbol of hope. :)

Superman is that icon that little children, and even adults, look to if they are sad, frightened, or just in need of inspiration. That is a prime example of why I would want to be Superman. If I could become Superman, I would keep the world safe. I would be able to help thousands of people within a matter of minutes. People wouldn't have to worry about crimes, or having to look over their shoulders out of fear of being robbed or attacked. War would be non-existent, and people would be able to feel safe and wouldn't have to worry about murders and crimes anymore. 

Superman has an aura of reassurance about him, it’s as though his presence alone can make the direst situation seem safer, as though you know everything will be alright. His confidence is tight, making people reassured that they will be saved.One of the best things about being Superman is his effect on other people. Superman makes people strive to be the very best they can be, and that is something greater than any super power. For all these reasons, that is why I would choose to become superman.

So, if I were to be a Superman for a week, I would use his powers and strength wisely, I would use it to help those in need especially if there were areas who were hit with calamity, I will flew all the way there just to help people, clean up and help them stabilize their area. I would also use it to plant thousands of trees, clean the seas and areas with tons of garbage. I will do my best to help the environment. 
That's what I'll do for a week if I can be Superman. :)

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