Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

If I were to star in my own movie which I've been dreaming of since I were
7 years old, I would definitely go for a love story that features a princess and a prince.

The plot will be like a Cinderella type of story with a twist. The girl doesn't know that she has hidden powers and that she is a princess of all the white witches. After living a sad and pitiful life under her step mother and her 2 wicked step sisters who were also witches, she then finds out that her mother left her something that will forever change her life. She's been dreaming of a faceless man over the years never knowing that this guy is the prince of their land and that man who will marry her someday.

It will be a whirlwind story, full of colorful clothes and amazing effects, battle of sorcery and the movie will be shoot in the most amazing places like castles and landscapes to make the cinematography of it's finest level.

I've been dreaming of this kind of movie and I really love fantasy type of movies, it never fails to fascinate me. It gives me the thrill especially if the leading actors have powers!

This is why whenever there's a fascinating movie like this, I always watch it with my family or friends and I never forget to bring my favorite popcorn the whole time! -> Kettle Korn!

I love eating Kettle Korn simply because of it's yummy flavors, it makes me want more while munching it's oh so good popcorn!

Plus, Kettle Korn uses only the finest quality of popping corn, harvested straight from the farm of Nebraska where corn is grown to perfection under the wide blue skies. From there, only one hybrid, of exceptional quality, passed Kettle Korn’s high standards for taste and texture: mushroom hybrid, whose round, mushroom-shaped surface and tender flavor makes it ideal for the tempting flavors of Kettle Korn. From there, what more can we ask for? Kettle Korn is definitely the best popcorn ever! :)

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