It's official! SARAH JESSICA PARKER will open The SM Store Aura

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh My! This is beyond shopping haven indeed! It is really official1 Sarah Jessica Parker will officially cut the ribbon at the opening of the newest high end mall in the metro, isn't that amazing and beyond WOW?:)

On May 17, SM Aura Premier, SM Prime Holdings’ latest high-end lifestyle destination project, will open its doors to the public at The Fort.

The SM Aura Premier, located along McKinley Parkway and C5 Road, is designed for and comitted to sustainability through its green architecture. The new SM mall will cater to a high-end market and will be home to fashion brands new to Manila including Stefanel, Minelli, Suiteblanco, TM Lewin, and Petit Bateau.

According to a press release from SM Prime Holdings, it is describes as a high-end lifestyle mall :)

It is envisioned as a landmark in the Taguig CBD, the fast flourishing “micro-city” where multinational and local corporations, as well embassies, consulates, and cultural offices maintain their Philippine headquarters. High-end residential buildings, international and innovative schools, technologically advanced medical centers, and other attractions that have transformed the area into a diverse and welcoming community.

There has been a lot of buzz about the mall and the aura of mystery that surrounds it –– an inexplicable energy that is seductive and incredibly magnetic at once.

Here are 10 things shoppers can look forward to at SM Aura:

1. Its architecture is like a work of art. SM Aura is designed to stand out, not only visually, but also through the convenience and attractions that it offers shoppers. Architect Willy Cosculluela drew inspiration from nature, creating a sculptural form that conjures images of the flow of water, the grace of air, and the strata of the earth.

2. Green architecture. SM Aura Premier is committed to sustainable design and development, and reducing the structure’s carbon footprint through green architecture. The SM Engineering Design and Development team on design as well practiced sustainable operations. Pollution and waste management systems are planned for maximum efficiency; a water treatment facility to recycle water for non-potable use is in place; and its massive green roof is designed to reduce the heat island effect in the structure. International green standards are strictly followed to ensure that SM Aura Premier will use energy and other resources efficiently. There are also bicycle paths and landscaped recreational areas around SM Aura, to ensure that the community will continue to breathe fresh air for many years to come.

3. It redefines lifestyles. SM Aura gathers carefully selected local and international brands in one yet sustainable structure that redefines the country’s retail, fashion, gourmet, and lifestyle scene. This gives new meaning to the SM mantra of “having it all.” And of course, the group’s mainstays –– a more upscale SM Store, the Supermarket, Kultura, Our Home,  and Toy Kingdom –– will be there, as will Forever 21, Uniqlo, Watsons and ACE Hardware.

4. It will be a mall of firsts. Many global brands will have their first store in the country at SM Aura. Among these are Suiteblanco, Stefanel, Minelli, TM Lewin, and Petit Bateau for fashion; as well as Paul Boulangerie, NBA Café, and Todd English Food Hall for dining. It will also house the latest in concept and flagship stores.

5. The Sky Park. The Sky Park has landscaped gardens and various water features that provide customers with the perfect ambience as they enjoy tried and tested gastronomic treats and exciting culinary concepts.

6. The Pod.  With a unique dome design set against a lush garden backdrop, the Pod is set to be a landmark in the Fort area. Designed for events, exhibits, and performances, the Pod is a great way to meet, greet, and be one with SM Aura Premier’s diverse community.

7. The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. At the top level of SM Aura will be a chapel with an unorthodox yet highly aesthetic and tubular design. The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod is an exercise in quiet elegance –– the perfect place to stop, rest, and reflect in this busy city.

8. Non-stop entertainment. The IMAX alone is worth a visit to SM Aura Premier, as are the state-of-the-art cinemas designed to provide film lovers with a contemporary, elegant ambience. There are also two Director’s Clubs for special screenings.

9. SMX Aura. This trade hall is a great place for exhibits and corporate meetings that will bring brands and organizations closer to the pulse of the Taguig Business District. The 3,800-square-meter SMX has three function rooms and eight meeting rooms for events.

10. The Office Tower. A nearby office tower addresses the needs of the international market, as well as the growing demands of the call center industry in the Philippines. It will also have community offices, meeting rooms and facilities.

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