Flip into Fun with Caribbean Footwear

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer is here! and what can be more comfortable than wearing your favorite flip flops while strutting your stuff on the beach or anywhere that you feel comfortable wearing your flip flops.

I'm a big fan of flip flops, why? because it makes my feet comfy and I can walk for a long period of time without complaining that my feet feels sore or my feet feels tired. We do need to take care of our feet simply because our feet carries our anywhere we go, all day which is why it is very important to choose the perfect flip flops to take care of our feet during our travel getaways or any activity that needs walking.

Thankfully, Caribbean Footwear is here to save the day! 
Caribbean Footwear is a local brand that caters to the vibrant and on the go individuals.

Using top of the line technology, Caribbean  footwear perfectly 
fuse comfort, durability and creativity.

Classical yet dynamic, Caribbean has variety of designs that will enhance the users’ vitality, youthfulness and passion. You will totally love their Urban Safari Collection because it really 
has fashionable colors plus based on experience, it is durable, comfortable and very affordable :-)

This is the design of my Caribbean Footwear flip flop, funky right?:)
Caribbean Footwear has perfected the integration of comfort by their cutting edge technology bringing comfort, durability and elegance in their strap. 

The balancing act of our toe is well supported by the footwear's structure
 without compromising fashion and creativity.

It is also artistically formed to create proper foot formation and posture that
 will enhance endurance while walking or running.

Plus, it also provides ultimate protection. Scientifically designed to mold one's sole to perfectly fit amidst mobility.

The thing I love most about Caribbean Footwear is the ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY
Imagine yourself walking side by side with your crush and the path your crossing whether 
it is a slippy road, rocky mountain or algae thingy beach, you will never slip using
Caribbean Footwear! this is tried and tested so believe me, you don't need to use the term
"TIIS-GANDA" anymore because with Caribbean Footwear, everything falls into the right place, not you falling flat on your face :)

Price range is from P199-299, what can be more cheaper than that?:) Caribbean Footwear will take care of your feet without you worrying about anything plus you also get to support Pinoy made flip flops because  it is authentic Pinoy! 

Funky and Hip.
Plain and Simple.
Elegant and Classy.
Relaxed and Basic.

With Caribbean Footwear, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. 
Wherever you plan to have your summer getaway, I hope you get to try Caribbean Footwear because I assure you, it will bring you comfort like no other. 

Available in all leading department stores nationwide!

Check their official website http://www.caribbean.com.ph/ 
for the complete list of stores :)

For more details:

Facebook: Caribbean Footwear
Website: caribbean.com.ph
Instagram: caribbeanph
Twitter: caribbeanph

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