Mister Donut introduces PON DE RING: The Original Chewy Donut

Monday, March 18, 2013

Last March 8, 2013, Mister Donut had a soft opening at their Greenhills branch
and I am so delighted to be invited together with Manila Bloggers to cover the said event. 
I've been a big fan of Mister Donut since I was a kid and I wouldn't want to miss this event.

Mister Donut has come a long way! :-) Mister Donut at Greenhills offers a new ambiance,
cozier and feels really at home. You might as well bring a nice book when you go here or your techy stuffs and just hang out because with the wide array of new products, you might not want to leave the store. The colors schemes that they used were more vibrant, even the counter looks so lively.

Because we were invited at around 6pm, I ordered their Beef Tapa, delicious! 
The beef is tender which is what I like about Tapa. I recommend that you try this one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the newest star of Mister Donut!

The original Pon De Ring Donut came from Japan, you will know if it's authentic if it's really 
chewy, Mister Donut Japan invented this chewy donut last 2003 which became a super hit in the country. Now, they're offering it here in the Philippines! 

Pon De Ring has different flavors and very affordable for only P35.00 
depending on the flavor.

Aside from their latest offering which is Pon De Ring, Mister Donut offers 
different dishes on their menu like this ultimately yummy Donut Burger. Take a look at that mouth watering burger patty, ham, egg and bacon with fries on the side! This is perfect with their shakes which is available in chocolate, blueberry and strawberry :-)

Of course, I also love Mister Donut's classic brewed coffee and hot Chocolate.

Good news as well because Mister Donut Greenhills is open 24 hours! I do hope you can drop by at their newest branch and try their latest offering which is the Pon De Ring and other yummy dishes that they have on their menu.

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