The OFW diary: Years of Solitude

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Filipino's are known for having a VERY close knit family ties. We are not contented to 
small gatherings and small chit chats with our family and relatives, we cherish every moment spending with them plus taking a lot of pictures for our very own 

Although I haven't experience working abroad as an OFW, I also have my fair share
because both of my parents worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for many years just 
to support our family. It was indeed very difficult, especially for me because they both went there when I was only 7 years old. I don't have siblings. 
Thanks to my loving grandmother, we call her "Inang" who raised me well
while both of my parents worked hard for us.

My father worked as a cook in Dubai, for the Armed forces. He used to tell whenever he would call me via long distance that Arabs love the way he cook, especially when he cooks 
Filipino dishes, eventually he got promoted as Chief cook which made me
even more proud of him.

My Mom, worked as an Accountant and secretary in Dubai as well.
She would send me cards almost every week and we wrote letters, I even make scrapbooks and different paper artworks so that I can send it to her. 
Of course, nights were a little darker, harder and
lonelier for a little girl like me back then.

This picture was taken when my Mom was about to leave our home 
and work in Dubai. A very sad day for me.I cried every night for like a month. 
My Grandma and my aunt who took care of me felt really sad too.

I'm not like other kids who sleep at night while their Moms read them storybooks,
although I'm very grateful my mom works hard for me and grandmother took care of me,
it was different when you can feel, touch and hear your parents in the flesh.
Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation and other special holidays were much harder.
Imagine celebrating your birthday with only your friends and relatives..
Both of your parents were just a phone call away
and I was a kid of the 90's, 
I haven't experienced cellphone, computers yet.
No Facebook or Skype. 

But at that time, just to hear their voice was MORE THAN ENOUGH.
It was like a mantra for me that time, the only thing that keeps me tough about missing them is the thinking that one day, our family would be complete and
we can experience the best times together, holidays or not.
But, of course, life will never be complete without struggles.
I was about to enter college when my Mom & Dad separated.
It was those times when I'm too numb to even asked what happened 
and that timeline of my life was like a blur. Everything happened so slow yet so fast.
We had a tough time, after they got separated, my Mom went home and I didn't hear anything from my Dad anymore, yes, no financial support as well.
My mom sold our house and all the happy memories. 
Eventually Mom worked abroad again while I'm a working student 
at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa Campus.
I took up Bachelor in Journalism because I really love writing, it's my passion.

Thankfully, I graduated with flying colors and I told my Mom
that you never have to work that far again. This time, I'll work hard for us.
Our life is like an episode in Maalaala Mo Kaya and I can imagine
sometimes that Mam Charo will spill her lines anytime soon. :-)
We all know our life, no matter how hard it is, there's always a brighter side in it.

I have listed the pro's & cons of working abroad (based on experience from my parents):

1.You can have money to support the needs of your family.
That's the main purpose of working abroad.
2. You will have more relatives and friends. genuine and PVC's.

1. Far from your families and friends.
2. You have to adjust to your new environment.
3. The Philippine government considers OFW's as living heroes but if you are in trouble you may realize that most heroes are suffering from death.
4. For the first time being an OFW, you have to be ready for the unknown.
5. If you have children, Sorry you could not see them growing up.

Nowadays, we all have to practical. Earning money is hard, we have a lot of 
things to consider especially if our family is at stake but being away from the family
is much harder.

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