Bryan Termulo's 1st Major Concert on March 9 at Music Museum

Saturday, February 09, 2013

When you're an industry newcomer, it helps that your name sounds familiar. Perhaps the fact that "Termulo" is actually an anagram of "tremulo" (a trembling in music) helped Bryan Termulo somehow ring in the heads of industry movers? Or maybe - most likely - he turned heads because of that soothing, balladeer extraordinaire swagger that got most looking.

It might also be the good looks. But then again, almost every artist out there - even those devoid of originality - has that. Good looks could only take you so far. But now, after just several years in the industry and finally getting his biggest break thus far by getting to sing the theme song of the phenomenal teleserye "Walang Hanggan", Bryan, it seems, is just getting started. 

Thankfully, I was invited to his Blogger conference and was able to hear him sang live and he really has a good voice! :-) I was able to ask him some questions like
"Among all his Teleserye songs, which one is his most favorite"
His favorite is "Dadalhin" since he became known because of this song.
"In the future, sino ang gusto mong maka-duet sa iyong upcmong albums?"
He would love to make a duet with Srah G. & Pure energy Garry V. 

Dubbed as "The Prince of Teleserye Theme Songs", and aptly, after making hits one theme song after the other in primetime teleseryeson the Kapamilya network, the young balladeer is now crossing over yet again to another arena: concert performances.
"Pressured ako'coz I have less than two months to prepare. I should give all my best. It's my first concert. I'm thinking if the tickets will be sold, kung maraming manonood, baka mamaya masold out tickets pero wala namang nanonood" Bryan candidly says of his fears, with his huge boy-next-door grin on.

After getting the runner-up plum back in 2007 for Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3, most artists would probably think they're not good enough. But was it just a trend that most contest runner-ups end up as great, or even greater, superstars than the actual grand winners of singing contests?

Case in point, the "runner-up" success got Bryan a slot in the weekend noontime show of the Kapuso network SOP where he stayed for three years, while juggling an acting career in ''All My Life"playing the character Dino. In his third year with his former network, he launched his first album "Begin", at the same time crossing over to his network's rival ABS-CBN.

With the Kapa,ilya network, he continued juggling acting and singing duties, as he became a mainstay in ASAP 2012, co-starred in Budoy, and sang three teleserye theme songs, "Bihag", "Pagdating Ng Panahon", "Hanggang Ngayon", "Dadalhm", and "Kailan" for the network's most successful teleseryes "iValang Hanggan", "DahilSa Pag-ibig" "KungAko'y Iiwan Mo" 100 Days to Heaven", and "Ina, Kapatid, Anak", respectively.

Untiring, he also released his sophomore album "Hanggang Ngayon' last year while preparing for another whirlwind year as he sings "Isang Sulyap Mo", yet another theme song for upcoming teleserye"3uan Dela Cruz" top-billed by Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales.

Bryan is also juggling singing and acting throughout the year yet again as he is set to star in the upcoming teleserye "Against All Odds" starring Judy Ann Santos, KC Concepcion, Sam Milby, Jericho Rosales and Jessie Mendiola.

Obviously thankful for all the blessings thrown his way, he admits to still be into his first love, singing, "Singing is my first love and the reason why I'm in the industry. I'm known as a singer. Acting is just a bonus." And even though the blessings are coming from all corners, the thinking artist knows he couldn't let his guard down, "I still want to finish studying so that if acting and singing do not work out, I'll have that to fall back to."

Bryan says he is lucky to be doing that one thing he loves most while traveling the entire country.

"Mahilig kasi ako sa lakwatsa pero 'di ako mahilig sa night life. It's memorable having to travel for free - getting to places that I want to go to even though just the airports," the singer/actor says, laughing at the irony of it. "The fact that you can travel the entire Philippines because it's your profession is such a blessing," he adds.

Busy as he is, he arms himself with a most obvious fan tool for artists like himself: social media." Wala namang masama mag-W ka. Sometimes kumustahin mo sila [the fans]. If you have a show by air or by sea, and then you see they're there, you have to be thankful for that."

The thanks don't stop there though as he admits to loving the fan interactions, especially on stage.

"You can maximize your skills on the stage and you can really reach out unlike in the studio, you sing but when the people want to go to you, they can't do it," he says acknowledging the importance of touching base with his fans.

Fans who are looking forward to Bryan's first solo concert should take hints at the fact that he's listening to a variety of artists like One Direction, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars.

"I want the fans to see that this is not a typical balladeer concert. I'm preparing really well, we really chose the best songs, and the performance is not just singing only. I'm gonna give my best and I will sing with my mind and my heart," Bryan teases.

Bryan's first concert coincidentally falls a day after his birth date, hence the title "Bryan XXV Termulo". This only means one thing for the fans, it's going to be a party.

Right now, Bryan admits to being busy at all the preparations, to the point of obsessing over the dos and don'ts with his production team. The balladeer is quick to point out though that trust plays an important part in his team where he listens to inputs as they do when he gives his.

"Sometimes I do suggest songs when I feel it would help. I'm very open naman if they say otherwise. I have my thoughts, I have my ideas, but if my team says otherwise, I'm okay," he says.

From now until the date of the concert, as Bryan juggles with the usual singing and acting, there would be tons of preparations going on.

Right now, with everything in place, Bryan admits to not being too complacent, as he wishes for the best in the upcoming concert - his first since he launched his debut album in 2010. How does he cope with the pressure?

"Practice hard, pray hard and work hard so that the concert becomes a success," Bryan divulges.

When Bryan entered the scene, all he had was the voice, the good looks and his tremulo that is supposedly enough to send reverberations across the scene. As he nears his first major concert, Bryan is banking on this same tremulo, this time wishing it would be the fans quivering in shrieks and excitement.

His promise for the concert is simple: "Fun. Enjoy and at the same time, party."

Catch "The Prince of Teleserye of Theme Songs" Bryan Termulo at "Bryan XXV Termulo" The Birthday Concert on March 9, 2012
(Saturday) at Music Museum. 8PM! Wfth special guests Liezel Garcia, KZ Tandingan, Bugoy Drilon and Melai Cantiveros. 

Ticket prices:

2,000, 1,500, 1,200 and 800.  For ticket inquiries please call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or Music Museum: 721 0635 and Teatrino 721-

6726 Php 2,000 ticket buyers will get a Limited Mini-Magazine of Bryan Termulo plus a Meet & Greet after the concert!

Bryan Termulo's sophomore album "Hanggang Ngayon" is still out on all record bars, nationwide.

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