Pitch Perfect (2012) Movie Review

Monday, January 07, 2013

"Pitch Perfect" is like Glee in big screen. Directed by Jason Moore and adapted by Kay Cannon from Mickey Rapkin's novel.

I actually love this movie simply because Rebel Wilson is super hilarious without any effort. She's a natural. :-) I must say I totally love all her movies. Plus, I also love Anna Kendrick, she's so charming and can sing! I never thought she can really sing.

 "Pitch Perfect" tells the story of Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) an aspiring DJ attending Barden University, who's hobbies include seclusion, nonconforming and listening to Mashups.

In an attempt to have Beca become more socially active, her father (who is also a professor at the University) urges her to join a club on campus. But upon checking out each club (especially the glee clubs) she quickly decides that the loner lifestyle is far less humiliating. 

That is, until a rather awkwardly nude run-in with one of the members of the The Bellas, an all-girl acappella group on campus that sings nothing but Ace of Base. This is the part where they sing Titanium by David Guetta & Sia in acapella, super amazing! I love it!

And since The Bellas are coming off of an embarrassing loss at the previous year's singing competition, Beca, as well as a multitude of other "a ca-losers"; including Fat Amy (as advertised  and Lilly, the girl who can apparently speak no higher than a whisper, are asked to try out in a desperate hope that a group of misfits could be just the thing that sends the conservative Bellas all the way to the finals of the national Glee-esque competition. And if this doesn't sound generic enough, there is also a love story subplot centered around Beca.

OK, so if this sounds like every teen flick that you've ever seen, about a misunderstood misfit who ends up helping the popular kids (that were mean to her in the beginning of the movie) win their something-or-other championship/tournament, only to discover that in the end that they are all the same no matter their social standing.

 But before you think this is another so-so movie, let me just say that due to a sharply satirical script and a surprisingly hilarious, eccentric and immensely engaging cast, which include the likes of Brittany Snow, Hana Mae Lee, Rebel Wilson (as Fat Amy) Skylar Astin and Anna Kendrick, giving a performance which not only solidifies herself as a true leading lady in any genre, but also as the new Kristen Bell, but with talent, "Pitch Perfect" does elevate itself far above of your everyday teen comedy.

So, if you where thinking of avoiding this film on the basis of your dislike of "Glee" but find yourself being dragged to see it anyways, no need to worry because chances are you will be happily surprised by what "Pitch Perfect" has to offer.

It is a feel good movie that will make you wish that you can really sing well or hoped that you were part of Glee club or anmy singing club when you were in high school or college. :-) 
Well, I for one, wished that :-)

Watch the full trailer here:

Do watch their final performance here: 
I swear I super love this mash up! It gives me the goosebumps!:-) Two thumbs up!

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