Liberal Arts (2012) Movie Review

Friday, January 11, 2013

“Put some armor around that gooey little heart of yours.” ~ Liberal Arts (2012)
After watching the trailer over and over again via Youtube, I finally got the chance to watch this movie. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Olsen, I find her so charming, classy and 
a really good actress. As for Josh Radnor, I love him in How I met your Mother, he's funny in a casual way without him knowing it. 

What I love about the movie is that it reminds me of College days. Of my favorite professors,
of my classmates, some extra curricular activities and the people we met along the way.

I highly recommend it especially for anyone who feels listless, loveless, and uninspired by life after college.

It was an AWESOME film. Written, directed by Josh Radnor himself by the way, it is Radnor’s second directorship after ‘Happy Thank You More Please’.

Radnor plays Jesse, a university admissions worker who returns to his old alumni for a Professor’s retirement party, and after pretty much being stuck in a lifestyle with no prospects, his life takes a different turn while in the university.  Jesse loves BOOKS and there was a scene there where he & Zibby even argued on why Zibby is reading a no-non sense vampire book! classic! :) This film ponders on maturity, education and the value of the arts, and indeed, which arts have value.  The acting was brilliant, I like Elizabeth Olsen more and more each time I see a movie of hers, and Josh Radnor was a perfect mix of endearing and patronizing. I love the scene when Radnor is computing his and Olsen's age since he's 34 and Olsen is 19. That scene is super hilarious. 

It also stars Alison Janney, and Spoiler!!!

Zac Efron.  Efron, might I say has THE BEST character! I might even go as far as saying it’s his best performance to date. Yes, I’m serious! He's totally in character and very convincing as well. 

It is an intelligent, funny and uplifting movie for all ages. 

No more spoilers :-) Just watch the movie :-)
“And when you do get out, and life happens you know. Decisions get made, and then all those many choices in front of you are no longer really there. There’s a certain point where you just got to go “Well, I guess this is how it’s going down.” - Jesse Fisher (Josh Radnor)”
Check out the trailer below:

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  1. Great review. I will definitely watch this.

  2. Thank you :-) I appreciate that :-)More power to Filebook! :-)