All I want for Christmas is CANON! :-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have always been fascinated taking pictures of random things, especially when I get
to travel, I always take pictures of the beautiful places I visited. 
The agony is that, it also takes a good camera for anyone to produce a quality picture that will make a lasting impression.

For the past years, I've been borrowing camera from my friends or my cousin just so I can use a decent camera whenever I get to travel or attend an important event.
Being a blogger, it is really important to own a camera so that we can capture all the important details that can accompany our write ups. It is not enough to have a good article, pictures, at times says it all.

I'm thankful for the people who always take their time to lend me their camera but at the same time, I am also wishing my lucky stars that I can also have my own camera so that anytime, I can go about my daily routine without bothering other people.

Among other things, here's a list of why I really want to have a 
new camera:

1.  It helps me to relax when things get complicated. When I encounter hardships or struggles, I completely forget all about it when I'm taking pictures.

2.  It opens my eyes to see God’s creation in a new way. Our country has a lot of amazing places to explore. It's really more fun in the Philippines and I am really proud that I live here.

3.  It makes me creative. When you own a camera, it makes you want to think creative ways on how to make the outcome more fun, look more pleasing and more!

4.  It stimulates my brain to think. Owning a camera helps me produce my creative juices! 

5.  It has allowed me to adorn my home and the homes of others with much less expensive art. I always take time to roam around some places and when I find something unique,  I automatically take a picture of it and when I have a free time, I tried to do a replica of it or even better. 

6.  It has allowed me to capture family memories. Camera will always be our trip to memory lane. I treasure all the pictures that I have with my family and love ones and if I have a new camera that I own, it will amazing because I can capture more magical and memorable moments with my family! 

7.  It has promoted community. I'm thankful that I'm part of the growing community of bloggers around the world and I must say, being a blogger gives me the benefit of getting acquainted with new people and having new friends as well. Bringing a camera has it's perks when you're part of a big community.

9.  It makes gifting easier. I can just take pictures of my family or friends then print it, make a cute frame and voila! I have a Christmas gift! :-)

10.  It has been an inspiration to others. Taking pictures of different aspect of life, whether it may be a happy event or a sad one, we learn something from it. Through the perspective of other people looking at the pictures, we might have touched their lives or may have change their beliefs about something. Like me, I take pictures of different tourist spots in the country and the readers commented that it gives them the satisfaction of knowing that we have a place like this that we should preserve and take care of.

These are my reason why I should own a brand new camera. :-)
A CANON camera at that. :-)
Be my Santa Canon Philippines! :-) Please grant my wish :-)

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