Home for the Holidays with Mr. Jie Pambid

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Interior design is for everybody.." Jie Pambid

Thanks to SM North Edsa for inviting me to Home for the Holidays with Mr. Jie Pambid. I learned a lot of things especially in decorating. Now, I'm more excited to decorate our home with Christmas decorations! :-)

Mr. Jie L. Pambid is a BS Psychology degree holder in  University of Sto. Tomas, batch 1993 in Philippine School of Interior Design and top on his class. Took the National Licensure Exam in Interior Design in 1994 and get the rank 1. He was a familiar face in designing make overs for Urban Zone and the interior design consultant of other TV shows like the Sweet Life in QTV 11.

He is currently the Academic Director and Director of External Affairs in the Philippine School Of Interior Design. He is also the creative Director of JPLake and Associates Interior Designs and Space Planners that he establish of his own with the partners from PSID and the current Editor in-Chief of My Home Magazine.

With Alwyn Aguirre & Daryll Reese :-)
Photo courtesy of SM North Edsa Facebook page

With those amazing line up of experience and title, I'm really impressed.  He really knows what he's advising us. Aside from that, I find the talk really entertaining and informative. Not boring at all. 

Christmas is here once again :-) One of the most awaited time of the year and the thing I'm really excited about when Christmas is around the corner is decorating the house! It's the perfect bonding activity with the family. I'm always the one who puts out the Christmas tree and decorates it. 

Mr. Jie taught us a lot of thing on how to design and reinvent our homes with a touch of Christmas.  Not only that, he also recommended practical tips on how to save more money when it comes to decorating our homes this Christmas.  He told us that the main key is to analyze first every corner of your house so that you won't neglect any part of it. The trend is knowing how to put the right decorations with every corner of your house. Mr. Jie even suggested that we can use fresh pine trees so that we can feel the Christmas spirit more with it's fresh pine scent.

According to Mr. Jie, garlands are very flexible. Which is why it is best to invest more on garlands since we can use it to make wreaths, or put it on every corner of the house with ribbons or whatever that can make it more festive. 
We are also told that not to restrict ourselves with red and green. Nowadays, we can use silver, brown or even black!  Let us not border ourselves with the traditional 

When it comes to the dining room, focus on the dining table. Since our eyes will automatically direct to the table when we reach the dining room. It is more festive when you will use red. 

On bedroom, invest on linens to give it a Christmas feel. There's a lot of linens now that has a Christmas feel. You can even put a wreath on the bed! :-)

Plus, this is the first time I've seen an inverted Christmas tree! :-) Apparently this is the IN thing now, I wonder how it will look in our house if ever I decided to experiment on our old Christmas tree and hang it upside down :-) 

All in all, I really enjoyed festive design talk at the Interior Zone :-) Thank you Sir Jie for the great tips and tricks in the designing our home in style for Christmas! :-)

Drop by at Interior Zone at SM North Edsa now! It's never too late to decorate your home in time for Christmas!

This is how Christmas looks like at the Interior Zone SM North Edsa. Whether you are looking for classic styles or hip holiday decors, you'll surely find it here. So Give Good Cheer this Season, only at the Interior Zone! :-)

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