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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yesterday, October 27, 2012 (Saturday) to be exact, I luckily got the chance to be invited 
to the Astroplus Blog-Connect for Music & Movie bloggers. :-) When I received the invitation by no less than Sir Azrael, I was so excited :-) This is the first I get invited to an event where my real interest will be discussed, MOVIES & MUSIC :-) 

The event was sponsored by Astroplus the leading store in the Philippines when it comes to music, movies and gadgets. They have a lot of good news instore for all of us they want everyone to know that Astroplus is not just a store where you can find dvds/cds for a certain price, there's a helluva more! They have crossed the bridge of just offering the occasional "what you can find, you can buy". 

Astroplus wants to connect with their customers by doing a lot of activities with YOU. All of us. Aside from offering top of the line products, they also have premiere nights where you can watch your most awaited film (hopefully :-), they'll get to invite us in their upcoming premiere night of BREAKING DAWN 2). They also host meet & greet with the fans, fun promos on their Facebook pages and much more freebies for those who get to buy any of their new releases.

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The presentation from Sony Music, Ivory and Warner happened at Astroplus in Podium, Ortigas at around 1:30 in the afternoon.  Ms. Denise from Sony Music presented the upcmong albums of Pink, Christina Aguillera, Alicia Keys, Pittbull, Chris Brown, Brandy and more. 
I totally loved One Directions new video :-) Live while we're young

Ivory Music presented their upcoming OPM albums from Moonstar 88, Christian songs album and Greatest hits from MYMP.  General Luna also launched their album under Ivory records. Aside from them, there's also David Archuleta, Jackie Evancho, Lang Lang and Barry Manilow.

Warner music presented different upcoming hits like Michael Buble's new album is Christmas inspired. Bruno Mars has a new song which sounds like "Sting" The Police to me. You can pre-order Bruno Mars new album "UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX " at Astrovision and get a free fedora hat :-) It will be released this coming December 11. 

Movies time! my favorite part of the presentation. I super loved the compilation of different released movies and upcoming movies this year and 2013. They showed us teaser trailer of the much awaited films like:

Other trailers that were shown were Django, GI Joe, Total Recall, Resident Evil, Premium Rush, Les Miserables and Cirque Du Soleil and for the finale Katy Perry Part of Me. I just can't wait to watch all of the upcoming movies being the film addict me. 

Lastly, C Interactive Digital Entertainment presented. Let me just take this opportunity to thank them for the super wonderful gift they gave us. I've been wanting to have this for quite a long time. Say hello to my Mockingjay Necklace! The original version! let me emphasize that because we all know lots of fake ones are distributed elsewhere. :-) Thank you! C Interactive is the official distributor of original dvds/cds of Hunger Games, Twilight Saga series, Cabin in the Woods, Exorcismus, One Direction all for one, Step up revolution series, The cold light of day and What to expect when you're expecting. I'll be posting a separate blog about this. :-)

Thank you Astroplus for inviting me to this event, Hopefully I'll still be part of the 
Blog-Connect next year :-) More power and congrats in advance to all of your upcoming events!

Thank you once again for the invitation and goodies!

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