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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The newest Korean drama at GMA 7 :-) I'm sure most of are are either hooked
or looking for the complete series of this new Koreanovela.

Main Cast: 

Kim Soohyun as Lee Hwon:
Kim Soohyun has been getting more and more popular in the drama scene recently and I’ve seen him in a few dramas. I have seen Kim Soohyun in Dream High and Giant, and his acting ability is really something. From a guy in the countryside to a king, Kim Soohyun can fill the part, not to mention that he’s stealing all the girls’ hearts with his good looks.
We first encounter Lee Hwon as the Crown Prince of Korea. He falls in love with Yeonwoo at first sight; after her death and his ascension to the throne, he does not love another woman again until he meets Wol, a female shaman who looks just like Yeonwoo.

Han Gain as Heo Yeonwoo/Wol:
Han Gain is one of the first actresses that caught my eye when I began watching dramas. Her acting in Witch Yoohee/Witch Amusement captivated me. I also watched Super Rookie because of her. I find Han Gain attractive too because of her natural nose (for once not plastic), and I find her husband Yun Junghoon, also an actor, and her so adorably cute together.

Heo Yeonwoo is born into a loving, high-class family. Her dad is the Chief Scholar, one whom the king (Lee Hwon’s father) favors, and her brother is a very respected and intelligent individual. Yeonwoo has followed after her family and also has the smarts not known of women at the time. She also gains the king’s favor and is chosen to become the Crown Princess, but she suddenly gets sick and dies. However, she re-emerges years later as Wol, a shaman, and she meets the king, now Lee Hwon, again.

Jung Ilwoo as Prince Yangmyung:
Jung Ilwoo is also becoming a well-known and popular actor amongst the teenagers. He first debuted in Unstoppable High Kick, and then went on to act as lead characters in The Return of Iljimae, Take Care of the Young Lady, 49 Days, and the recent Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Although his dramas have not been extremely popular, he is gaining a larger fanbase, both in Korea and internationally.

Prince Yangmyung has never received the king’s love because he was born from one of the king’s concubines. Ever since he was young, he liked Yeonwoo, but she always refused his feelings for her. He likes to wander around the country and help those in need; furthermore, although he is not loved by the king, he has never resented his half-brother Lee Hwon or the king enough to rebel and gain the crown for himself. Yangmyung is only greedy for one thing, and that is Yeonwoo.

Kim Minseo as Yun Bokyung:
Kim Minseo is the newest actress out of the other main leads in this drama. She has recently been participating in more dramas, such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Baby-Faced Beauty.
Yun Bokyung was also born into a family of nobility. However, her father is evil and schemes with the Queen Dowager in order to keep their clan in power. She falls in love with Lee Hwon at first sight but he does not see her as he only looks at Yeonwoo. This makes her angry and she becomes greedy for the position of Crown Princess. After Yeonwoo’s death, Bokyung is able to become Crown Princess and eventually Queen, but she never receives love from Lee Hwon.

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born as Heo Yeonwoo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the crown prince, Hwon. Her enemies, jealous of her family’s position in court, schemed against her and wrestled away her rightful place as crown princess and nearly takes her life. Years later, an embittered Hwon meets Wol, now a female shaman who has no recollection of her past.


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