Utilizing The Internet To Win The 2013 Elections

Thursday, August 09, 2012

2013 Elections is fast approaching and we all want to elect the right leaders who will lead us and be our true mentors. Their sole responsibility is our very own welfare as well, the NATION. We might as well vote the right person. 

We all know the Internet and Social Media plays an important role 
in everyone's lives nowadays. We all log in and update ourselves with what's new, the latest news and even what we can do to help others.

I believe that it's about time Politicians try to reach out netizens in a different light.
Almost half or even more population of Netizens are youth and they have a lot to share. A lot of insights, it would be nice if they can be heard as well.

I truly belive that we are now in  the Digital Era. More and more people use the internet to gather information and news. It will be best if Politicians can use this tool as well to introduce themselves to people and share what what they have in mind, what they are planning to do for the citizens and the country as a whole.

There are plenty of options on how to win this 2013 election and 1DigitechPhilippines Inc. is conducting a seminar workshop entitled “UTILIZING THE INTERNET TO WIN THE 2013 ELECTIONS” which will be held on September 20-21, 2012 at Pines View Hotel Baguio City.

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