The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finally, I was able to finish the Bourne series this week. I was planning to watch it for
years now and this is the only time I get to watch it and after watching The Bourne Legacy, I get to appreciate Matt Damon more. It's not that I don't like Jeremy Renner, he's a fine actor. He is indeed really good but after hearing some side comments about what he said about the Philippine being "chaotic", well, I don't know. In some ways our country can be really chaotic with all the traffic but U.S. has a lot of major issues as well. Anyway, let's go tackle the movie.

“The Bourne Legacy” is the fourth film in the successful “Bourne” series. The first three “Bourne” films starred Matt Damon as CIA agent Jason Bourne, a character originally created by novelist Robert Ludlum.

“The Bourne Legacy” is a spin-off rather than a sequel, with Renner playing a totally new character named Aaron Cross. It also stars Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.

The director, Tony Gilroy, wrote the screenplay for the first three films.

Unfortunately, The Bourne Legacy is neither as exciting or as intriguing as the Matt Damon-led films – but that doesn’t mean it’s a total bore. 

In general, the movie’s biggest shortcoming is an overlong runtime that is the result of a number of drawn-out scenes and action set pieces. Nearly every moment of the film is interesting, whether a meditative character beat or a fast-paced chase sequence, but not everything is essential. As the minutes tick on, the long narrative can be a little
too boring. But don't get me wrong, the chase scene here in Manila was really breathtaking. 

I totally love it, plus the cameo appearances of award winning/veteran actors 
like Lou Velosoand John Arcilla. 
And, yes, amazing shot of El Nido, Palawan. No one in their right mind 
can say that they didn't fall in love with El Nido's paradise.

The Story:
There were never just one..
 Renner’s character - Aaron Cross is part of a new CIA program. He’s one of nine secret agents, all injected with super-meds to increase their strength, speed, stamina and cunning.

At the first part of the movie, we find Cross in the Alaskan woods, a lone surviver in the killing chill. In his spare time he engages in an ultimate fight with a ferocious wolf. The ferocious wolf looks really cuddly to me by the way, I want to have a pet like that. Kidding of course. :-) 

Cross finds himself the target of a U.S. drone attack since they want to stop the program asap. The movie also have a romantic side, in the person of microbiologist Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). The good doctor works at the company that hatched Cross’s enabling, deadly medication, though, she wanly protests, “I was there for science!” As his one link to the meds, Marta must run from the CIA — there’s a nicely tense interrogation with a motherly psychologist who explodes into a lethal agent — and get Cross to the manufacturing plant here in Manila. Toward the end, the much awaited chase scene is there which ended at El Nido. It promises a sequel though. I hope Jason Bourne will pop out in the next movie with a face off with Aaron Cross, why not right?:-)

watch the trailer here:

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