Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I've been a big fan of watching movies and TV series, whether American or Korean or Filipino shows.  The thing is, finding the right source is really hard to do. Sometimes, when I'm watching shows like these and I missed the next episode, I get really burned out.
Then I found Filebook :-)

Filebook is the first digital content platform in the Philippines. An online digital content trading avenue (web-based data storage) where as an individual can conviniently and easily shared various forms of digital content using an environtment of stable distribution infrastracture through internet infrastracture such as high speed internet traffic, high-end servers, large storage and the like. FILEBOOK sets a high value on P2P sharing environment. We also provide a new model based on the so called "Cloud System" which makes your sharing and storing of data more easy. 

Why people need to use Filebook? 
Filebook is the first digital content platform in the Philippines, where you
can donwload or upload digital content - fast and easy. 

Below are some other reasons why you need to use Filebook service:

• FILEBOOK provides service were people can conveniently and quickly shared various forms of digital content using an environment of stable distribution infrastracture through Internet infrastructure such as high-speed internet traffic, server, storage, and the like. 

• FILEBOOK has a revenue model followed by using inexpensive infrastructure costs.

• FILEBOOK is a web-based data storage were people can sell and buy movies, content knowledge, and even all forms of digital content.

• FILEBOOK provides uploading and downloading of data. You have two options. Be an uploader to earn money. If you have any kind of digital content, you can save it to our so called "Web Space" in order to sell it and earn as much money as you can. Or be a downloader and choose from our unlimited list of high quality digital content online at a very minimal cost. 

To know more about Filebook, please visit this link http://www.filebook.com.ph/.

Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/filebookph

What's even more exciting is that Filebook  have their ongoing contest!

Click this link for more details:

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