How To Use Filebook

Saturday, July 14, 2012


If you're wondering how to use Filebook, Follow these easy steps:

If Using Google Chrome, Install the Google Application IE TAB MULTI ENHANCE

1. Go to Chrome Web Store
2. Add IE Tab Multi (Enhance) by clicking 
(+ add to chrome)
3. Proceed by clicking the install button on the pop up window
4. You will now see an IPA icon in the upper right corner near the address bar


Log in to and install FILEBOOK program module ActiveX
1. In the site go to the ActiveX installation
2. The file will download automatically
3. Click RUN and INSTALL and proceed until installation is complete

Enjoy eIPA!

1. Click the IE Tab Multi Enhance (IPA icon)
2. An address bar will appear
3. Type and start using Filebook anytime you want!

When problems occur:

Control Panel>User Accounts> Change User Account Control Settings
Move the "level bar" on the left corner to the lowest level (Never notify)
Click OK. 
Then Restart your computer.

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