Spreading HOPE by Drinking Hope in a Bottle

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

When I first heard about this campaign, I got really curious. Honestly speaking I haven't seen Hope in a Bottle in any establishments that I've went to but nowadays, I'm glad that they're now covering a lot of commercial establishments. I really want to support their cause but how do we start? By knowing what they believe in and what we can do to support them. 

Our country is currently in dire need of more than 27,000 classrooms according to the Seth Mydans NY Times article about Philippine Classroom Shortage. The figure stated above, mind you,  is almost three years old. The demand for new classrooms increases each year due to our ballooning population. 


Being a health and education advocate, I took a particular interest on Hope In A Bottle. It is a cause-related product that I fully support. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds of Friends of Hope, Inc. will be used in building new public school classrooms. That 100% is after the expenses or production costs have been subtracted. 

Hope In A Bottle was an idea contrived by Friends of Hope, Inc. - a non-profit organization led by the awe-inspiring Ms. Nanette Medved and former San Miguel Purefoods Company President, Mr. Ricky Gomez. Friends of Hope, Inc. aims to improve the condition of public school all over the country.

Friends of Hope, Inc. works hand in hand with Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) in handling sales profits and in choosing schools from the list provided by the Department of Education. The project will undergo bidding first before construction starts and will be handled by PBSP under their "TEN Moves"  program (a campaign to build 10,000 classrooms in the Philippines by October 2012 through a donation of PhP10.00/day X 10 months from 2 million people).

Where do we get HOPE? Here's the list of their partner establishments where we can buy Hope in a Bottle

Let's all watch this video on how we can take part in this advocacy:

Cheers to everyone who have already made a difference!

Audrey Zubiri
Raymond Isaac
Derek Ramsay
Tim Yap
Project Runway

Raymond Gutierez

I'll be posting my picture here soon :) Spread the word! :)

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