My Mom is a SUPERWOMAN :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We all have a very special bond with our Moms, a bond that will never be replaced by any amount of money or treasure in the whole world. My Mom is my treasure, she's like a prize I won the day that I was born here on earth. God is really good to me for choosing the perfect Mom for me.  

There are a lot of special bonding moments that I have with my Mom, everyday with my Mom is a memorable moment. I really treasure having such a wonderful Mom by my side through thick and thin. Since she's a single parent, there was never a time that I saw her complaining or having a hard time raising me up. I know it was hard. Physically, emotionally and of course financially. Even though my Dad wasn't there to witness what I've become, my Mom would always tell me that he was a good Man. And I know he is. It's just that things didn't work out well and she taught me that I should never hold any grudge to anyone. My mom raised me well with good values that I take note of for the rest of my life. 

Just to name one of the most memorable moment of my life with mom, I guess it would be my College graduation day. :) We were totally broke that time and I managed to work in our University as a student assistant just to help my mom with my school fees. She's working hard that time just to help me finish my studies, I even offered to quit school but she didn't let me. She said the only gift that she can give me is my education and in my mind something pop up. My Mom is a SUPERWOMAN. 

My Mom, ever since I was born she's been doing everything just to make everything perfect. She works hard from being a working mom, doing household chores and being a good cook. At that moment, when I was at World Trade Center with my Mom during our graduation day, I feel like I'm flying with bright colors around me. It was indeed the most memorable not only for me but also for my Mom. We were both so happy that we've accomplished something really at par that we can be proud we did this together and yes, I am so proud to have an amazing SUPERWOMAN MOM. 

Since I was a Journalism graduate, I even want to write a book about her but of course that is still on my bucket list :) This Mother's Day, I didn't get the chance to give her a massive gift but I bought her flowers. It would be way amazing and wonderful if I can give her the best gift ever and what can make my Mom even happier if we can spend it at Diamond Suites and Residences this special occasion.:) It will make her really feel special to just relax and be overwhelmed with one of the finest Suites and residences in the country. It's time that she enjoys what relaxation really means only at Diamond Suites and Residences. :)

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As for me and my Mom :) This vintage picture will continue to symbolize that no matter how fast time flies, my love and salute is all for my Mom who I know for sure will always be there for me no matter what happens. The most fulfilling and rewarding work is being a Mom. :) 

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