Itoy's Coffee Haus: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I feel so relax and rejuvenated after having a super fun vacation at Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. But before I go on praising the whole place which is why I keep coming back for vacation, let me tell you something about this interesting coffee house in the heart of 
Puerto Prinsesa.

 I make it a point that every time I travel, I'll make sure to visit one of the churches and the famous diners/joints/coffee houses. This time, Itoy's Coffee Haus is the place to be.

Looking outside the Itoy's Coffee Haus, it looks vintage. I love vintage themes. It looks more classic. You can very well see that most of their clientele are foreigners simply put that Puerto Prinsesa is one of the best tourist destination now that summer is just around the corner. Most of the locals and tourists are there as well trying out what Itoy's have to offer. 

Itoy's Coffee Haus has found a niche of its own as one of the most popular destinations in the city. It was envisioned by the owner where people from all walks of life and ages, gather and talk about anything under their vintage roof drinking latte or celebrating with their sweet pastries and other foods that they have. It's also a place for people who wanted to be alone, read a book or linger there and find a place of solitude and a nice ambiance and scent of coffee. 

Itoy's Coffee Haus gives you an insight of the kind of coffee the Marcelo family members drink. As each coffee is mixed according to the taste of a family member it is named after. Some cakes, pastries, salads and other mouthwatering dishes are named after family members as well:

Here I thought, it's only a small coffee house, but when we got inside, it leads us to an interesting garden called "Eving's Garden" named after Girile's mother Aliva Palanca Clark Marcelo. Ma. Editha Marcelo Bayron "Girlie" is the owner of Itoy's Coffee Haus. So how did they come up with the name of the coffee house? ITO'Y in the context of the Filipino language means "IT IS". Thus one may interpret it as "IT IS A COFFEE HAUS". But people not familiar with the language would probably think that ITOY'S... is the possessive form of ITOY to mean "IT'S MY COFFEE HAUS".

However, it is not what people may perceive it to be, because the name "ITOY" is the nickname of the grand old man of the Marcelo Clan - Benito Jason Marcelo, Jr. The father of Mrs. Ma. Editha Marcelo Bayron, the owner of Itoy's Coffee Haus. It was opened last December 8, 2005. 

Our experience at Itoy's is indeed sweet. We ordered Mango shake, Black Forest Frappuccino and Chocolate moist cake. All tasted really good plus it's also affordable. 

So, I updated this post since we visited Puerto Princesa, Palawan again, for the third time and we didn't pass the chance of dining at Itoy's Coffee Haus again. Like before, it was jam packed with tourists and locals. The menu was updated as well and they've added a lot of dishes and drinks too. Check out what we ordered below. 

 Club House Php 145.00
 Butter Cookies Milkshake
 Moist Chocolate Cake
Watermelon shake

Check out the menu below:

If you happen to have a vacation in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan, Itoy's Coffee Haus is the place to be. Totally worth going there. 

Till next time Itoy's Coffee Haus! :) 
Visit their official website here:

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