The Hunger Games Movie Review

Sunday, March 25, 2012


"May the odds be ever in your favor."
Finally watched The Hunger Games last night at Shang Cineplex :) Thanks to for inviting me to the advance screening :) I spotted Ms. Saab Magalona & Ms. Patty Laurel in the event as well :) I love the cocktail! especially the blueberry cheesecake & the garlic bread with white cheese?I’m not sure, whatever that is, it sure is delicious :) 

The Movie:
It lived up to my expectations. Sure I haven’t read the book, I only read it via Wikipedia & I know I need a lot of information about it, but trust me, I’ll be reading the trilogy soon. :)

I didn’t recognize that it was Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus’s Bf is actually there..oh well..
Rue is so adorable-excellent casting. I remember her as the little girl who played Cataleya (Zoe Zaldana) at the movie Colombiana :) she is perfect for the role. 


The Capitol people look outrageous- but in a good way, epic indeed. I was hoping Tessa Prieto Valdez would be casted in the movie as well, together with Lady Gaga. Kidding :)

I love Cinna and his gold eyeliner :) 

There was a suitable amount of blood/gore/suffering/ Althought htere were times that I’m at the edge of my seat. I love it. 

I liked how they kept switching back to the gamemakers in the control room to show how much control and power they have of the arena. Plus the special effects ‘hi-tech’ stuff was cool.

The arrow in the apple scene. Very well done. I was hoping she’ll do something really cool for them to notice her. Good Job Katniss!

Plus, I totally love the Katniss & Peeta Tribute parade. Plus the scene when Katniss turned around and gave a salute facing the camera and her fellowmen from District 12 gave a salute as well. :) 

And so much more! all in all I really enjoyed the movie :) Can’t wait for Catching Fire & Mockingjay :) 

"Happy Hunger Games!"

watch the trailer here:

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