The Grey Movie Review

Thursday, March 15, 2012


One thing I love about Liam Neeson is that his mere presence gives the movie itself a reason to watch it although I'm not really fond of this latest movie of Liam which is a survival thriller set in the snowy wilderness of Alaska. I wish that the script didn't ended up that way. Spoiler alert! 


The story is all about a pack of disastrous plane crash survivors. Since Liam plays the lead role, he's the bravest one among the pack and he leads the group with what they have to do in order to survive without food, water, shelter and the worst of all, hungry wolves. Here I was joking around why on earth Jacob "Taylor Lautner" is doing a cameo role on this film, we all know he plays the role of Jacob from Twilight saga as a wolf. 


As the movie goes, it didn't quite give me the impact that I may love the ending of the movie. Sure, it is based from a true story "Ghost Walker", but I am still waiting for that turning point that maybe, one or two of them would survive. I would be really happy if that is the ending of the movie. There were a lot of wolf attacks. Since I think they based it all from the narrative story, it really goes that way as well. Too many reminiscing about the past and what may have become from the workers especially on Liam's part.  As it stands, the picture delivers the requisite scare moments and scenes of human endurance we associate with survival stories. But it never rises above any survival movie.

Liam Neeson deserves a better movie for his talent, really. He's an amazing actor. How I wish he'll just make a sequel of Taken soon. 

watch the trailer here:

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