Earth Hour 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 is just around the corner. In line with this,  We are all invited to switch off your lights this coming 31 March 2012, 8:30-9:30 PM. There will be THREE main events for this year's Earth Hour here in the Philippines. The said events will be held in three major cities, one from each major island group. In Luzon, it will be held in the Ayala Triangle area of Makati City. In Visayas, Fort San Pedro in Cebu City will serve as the hot spot. In Mindanao, Davao City will lead the dark side fun in the switch-off event to be held in SM City Davao. All the three events will start at the same time and have the same schedules! It's so cool right?

Your city or town might also have its own event so you can come too if you live faraway from the said venues. Or simply just switch-off your non-essential lights and gadgets! To correct some misconceptions about Earth Hour, it's actually not just about switching off your lights for one hour. It's not the world's biggest voluntary environmental event for nothing. Earth Hour symbolizes our commitment to help save the planet. Having said that, it's what we do after Earth Hour that counts. It's about going beyond the hour. It's about the changes you'll make in your everyday life that will matter. If we all make changes for the benefit of the planet, collectively that's something massive. This year's Earth Hour also comes with a cool 'I Will If You Will' campaign which aims to incorporate even more fun and interactivity to the yearly event. For now, mark your calendars and prepare to switch off your lights on March 31st. Start thinking about your personal commitments in helping save our only home in space too. 

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