A Very Relaxing Facial Treament from Casmara Cosmetics Philippines

Saturday, February 04, 2012

We all have the right to pamper ourselves once in a while. After a hectic week, after all the hustle & bustle we experienced from work or household chores, we need a break. What can be a perfect way to break away from all of this stress?Definitely Spa or a facial treatment. :)

I was so excited when Ms. Daryll Villena, invited me to Casmara SPA Party. :) If you've read my previous posts, I've write some important details regarding Casmara Cosmetic Philippines.

Casmara is a Spanish professional cosmetics company, located in the city of Valencia, Spain dedicated to the Research & Development, Manufacture and Distribution of premium quality cosmetic products. It reaches the consumers through the skin professionals, who know the skin and its needs. Casmara has always been a pioneer in incorporating the most efficient ingredients known nowadays in the cosmetic field, into the unique formulations of our engineers.

We were asked to be at the said location at 2'o clock in the afternoon because the said activity will run from 2pm-5pm only. I was one of the early birds, Praise God. :) There I met Ms. Karen Grace, my fellow blogger who also added fun to the event simply because she's really bubbly and smart.  Then we were asked to go to the room where the facial treatment would take place. Ms. Clai is my attendant and she's really quick-witted. She totally took care of me. She informed me a lot of things regarding the facial treatment and some important details on how to take care of my skin. My skin is categorized as "Oily" so she chose the right treatment for my skin. We should always remember that before we have our facial treatment, the dermatologist or the attendant should first analyze our skin type so that she would know what type of treatment she would use to your skin.

She first washed my face thoroughly.  Then she applied the Casmara Nature Ampoules. There were 5 of those in tubes. Each application gives this relaxing feeling to my skin. Added to the fact that Ms. Clai really gives a relaxing massage to my skin. While doing so, I kept asking her some tips, she advised me that since I have oily skin, I should use gel based products not cream so that it will absorbed more. She also told me that it is really important to use sun block for skin protection, SPF 15 would do. Aside from that Using toner morning and night before going to sleep is also advisable to keep the skin balanced and clean.

Next, is my most dreaded part. Note that I'm not mentioning this to frighten those people who haven't experienced going through the procedure of facial treatment but these steps are needed so that the skin will be cleansed thoroughly. This is what they call Facial Pricking (white-blackheads removal) This is after the steaming which will take about 5-10 minutes. Ms. Clai first put a cold cucumber to my eyes then steaming here I go! The Pricking part really hurts like hell. Seriously, but I endured it because it is what we call "TIIS-GANDA" moment. The most hurtful part is in the nose part. Moving on, when she was done, she then put a gel treatment on my face and left it for about 10 minutes. All the Casmara gel treatment smelled good and it felt good as well. It really soothes my face. The Casmara Nature Ampoule that was used to me was the Equilibrium - for Mixed, Oily, Acneic Skin. It enhances the skin plus it also hydrates and gives balance to the skin. 

Looks kinda scary huh?:)

After that, my face was prepared for the facial mask. She used Reaffirming mask for my skin type. (REAFFIRMING MASK 2020) this is especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, with dilated pores or acne. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year provides excellent toning and muscular stimulation due to its spectacular cold effect. Detoxifying, purifying, and hydrating. Casmara, is also the inventor of the "original algae peel off mask" their unique and tested application method on eyes and lips, acts directly where it is needed. When Ms. Clai started lathering the facial mask to my face, I wanted to shiver. It totally feels cold in the skin. I love it! :) Then left it for about 20 minutes. I savored the wonderful feeling. It feels like heaven. I was also wondering if I can do this on a habit already. I'd really come back for more. :) 

With Ms. Clai :)

After 20 minutes, Ms. Clai went back and voila! peeled off the black mask off my face with a quick peeling gesture. Done! :) It was really a RELAXING feeling. I told myself that if I didn't went to this event, I'd miss half of my life. 

Then after the facial treatment, me and Ms. Kai went outside to mingle with other bloggers who are also there to savor the Casmara experience. We also met Ms. Ruth and Ms.Iya. They are so accommodating and they kept us well informed about Casmara Products. We also got the chance to eat "meryenda" :) I looooove the cheese sticks! :) The barbecue as well and the puto pao :) Ms. Ruth also gave us a token from Casmara which I will definitely try at home. :) 

With my fellow bloggers: Ms. Kai & Ms. Daryll :)

All in all, it was an amazing experience. Honestly speaking, I really enjoyed the facial treatment. :) I'd really recommend Casmara facial treatment to all of you especially to my family and friends. It's a relaxing & soothing experience that took all my stress and worries away for the week. For me, it's a two thumbs up! :) Again, Thanks to ms. Daryll Villena for inviting me to this event. 

If you want to know more about Casmara products, simply check out their facebook page: Click the image below :)

Casmara also have an ongoing promo. Just head on to this link for more details:
Please click the picture :)

BCP Dermatological Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Casmara, headed by Mrs. Dina dela Paz-Stalder as President and Chief Executive Officer, was established in July 1999 with the vision of providing quality skin care products to Filipinos. As a 100% Filipino owned company, BCP Dermatological Corporation was instituted by a Filipino for Filipinos.  
Casmara ~ Cosmetics without limits

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  1. Glad you enjoy it sis. :) By the way, the facial pricking is optional in case you want another Casmara treatment :)

  2. Thanks again for the invitation :) is it really possible? then I'll try that one out! :))

  3. Can pregnant ladies use casmara green mask