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Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Recently, since I'm a big follower of Globe via Facebook and Twitter (Go na and follow them by clicking those links) I found out that they're having a Blog Contest featuring your Greatest Achievement, Globe sincerely believes that GREATNESS starts at HOME, which I also share the same views. 

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My personal experience about "Greatness" is something really special to me. The bond that me and Mom created is something that not even money can buy. Mother's love is priceless. It all started when my parents separated and since my Mom was a housewife that time (it was really complicated and our life story is like the ones you can watch at MMK), we were left with nothing. I was high school that time and most of the time, our relatives were helping us, but there came a time that we should stand up and do our share to make our lives more meaningful, my mom, one by one started selling our furniture even to the extent of selling our house.  

My Mom used to be an accountant at Dubai and My Dad, a chef at Dubai as well but since we don't have any financial support from him and we never heard any news from him (until a few years wherein we learned that he was in prison in Dubai), My Mom did everything just to support our needs. Even until now, I can still feel teary eyed every time that I remember all the hard work and struggles that me and my mom went through. I'm also blessed that my grand mother "Inang" never left our side. Even at the age of 80 plus, she's manages to sew different kinds of cloth like mattress, pillow cases and more) just to support our needs, then I managed to graduate high school (thanks to their help) I enrolled myself to college, I was a working student as well, I'm a student assistant that time and when I got to my 3rd year, I also worked as a CSR in a call center company. I balanced school and work and thankful, I managed to graduate with flying colors. :) 

I guess, people can say that most families go through this hardships..but in our case, without my loving Mom, I don't think I can even handle it without her loving support and guidance. My moment of greatness is our UNITY in the house and our courage to face all the struggles that happened in our life. Looking back at that time line of my life, I can really smile about it. Nothing really compares with the strong bond that you have with your family, even though it is just me and my Mom right now (I don't even hold a grudge to my Dad, in fact I'm looking forward to see him soon) I feel really blessed because every moment spend with my family is a shining moment of greatness. I'll do everything just to give back all the love and support they gave me. 

This is my moment of Greatness, if you have any moment of greatness that you also want to share that started at home. Join Globe's "Greatness @Home Blogging Contest". 

Contest Requirements:
Open to Bloggers

Contest Mechanics:

1. Write about Greatness Starts @Home with one of the following topics:

IF YOU’RE A PARENT: What is your child’s greatest moment of achievement and how did it all start at Home?
IF YOU’RE NOT A PARENT: What is your greatest moment of achievement Who inspired and helped you at Home to achieve it and why?

2. Include a photo or video of you or your child’s greatest moment of achievement with your post.

3. Include the Tattoo@Home badge (photo above) on your post linking to

4. Post the direct link to your blog entry as a comment under this post for you to get qualified.

5. Globe will be featuring your story on their official Globe Tattoo Facebook page the day after your submission.

6. Contest will run from February 25 – March 17. Great prizes will be given away every 2 days to lucky participants!

7. Grand Winners of Samsung Champ phones and Samsung Galaxy tabs will be announced on March 25.

Judging Criteria
40% Creativity – Does your blog post successfully integrate well-crafted text with engaging images or video?
30% Content – Does your blog post embody what it means to start Greatness at Home?
15% Originality – Does your blog post present your story in a unique way and highlights the subject’s individuality?
15% Interaction on Tattoo’s FB page – Number of likes and comments from unique users about the story on the official Globe Tattoo Facebook page


-> Twenty (20) winners of 4 FREE PASSES to Mind Museum (scheduled visit on February 28, 9AM-12PM) for the first 20 posts. This will be awarded on Monday, February 27.

-> Twelve (12) Samsung Champ phones (Two (2) phones will be raffled off every 2 days to lucky participants for the next 3 weeks)

-> Two (2) Samsung Galaxy Tabs AND Two (2) Samsung Champ phones for the Best Blogs (One (1) from each topic) based on the criteria below:

So, what are you waiting for? Join now :) check out more information about Globe Tattoo and their current promos via:

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